25 to Life: 457 Miles

25 to Life: 457 Miles

Welcome back everyone! This week feels a little bit lighter on The Bachelorette. We get a few 1:1 dates and the first ever 3:1 date in a race for 4th. Let’s head to the dates…

Bryan’s Bentley Bonanza

God I hate this guy. He reminds me of Roberto from Ali’s season. All smooth and no substance. At least it seems like they turned the mics down when they were making out. You guys know that when they edit together a bunch of footage of the bachelorette and the contestants making out that means they aren’t taking about anything. So Bryan and Rachel go on a ride around town in a Bentley and she “buys” him a watch. So what. Later in the evening, they talk about what it will be like when she meets his family. They’re going to love you, he says. You’re perfect, he says. Sure, Bryan. He then goes into this story about the last woman he brought to meet his family and there was some kind of unspoken something that happened between Bryan’s mom and this woman. They came back from a wedding in Columbia and basically this woman broke up with him and was never heard form again. Anyone think this is a red flag? Is Bryan’s mom a little too into his relationships? What won’t she compromise on? I want answers.

Dean Goes to Church

As mentioned on the podcast, Rachel loves to take white guys to church. Come to find out (thanks Chris Harrison) this date took place on Easter Sunday so of course they went to church. While Dean has really stepped up and shown his maturity, Rachel wanted to get a feel for how his hometown would be before she got there. Dean made light of the situation and avoided every question she had. You could tell he was nervous. Not like the fake I like you nervous, but the I have some serious problems and I don’t want to talk about this and I am nervous about what you are going to say about me when I tell you the truth. Come to find out, Dean actually doesn’t want Rachel to meet his family. He doesn’t have a family anymore. When his mother passed away, his family changed dramatically for him. He doesn’t have the “same family” a lot of people talk about and he doesn’t want Rachel to make a judgement about him because of that. Totally reasonable. I get it. Dean says his dad is eccentric and I’m thinking, ok that means his dad is probably a horder or something. Then we see the teaser for next week… Dean’s dad is Jim Baker of The Source Family. Yikes. Next week will be fun!

Is that Snow in Your Hair Peter or are You Just Happy To See Me?

Peter remains the G.O.A.T. so this date is a no brainer. They go dog sledding and cuddle in the snow. His hair mixes with the snow and he continues to look sexy and perfect. Later in the evening, I am very unsure what “questions” Rachel would have for Peter, but of course with every season there is always one person who is guarded and won’t let themselves “fall.” Insert eye roll here. Doesn’t it seem strange that Rachel is perceived to question Peter about his skepticism about this process when she was in the same position with Nick last year? UGH. Peter tells some sob story about how he broke up with a woman who wasn’t worthy of him and I shrug and pray that Rachel doesn’t screw this one up.

Eric and Two Other Guys go to France

This was truly Eric’s to lose. There would have been no situation where Rachel would have selected either Matt or Adam and go to their hometowns. They were barely on the show and haven’t said more than 3 words to her. Adam goes for the hard sell trying to let Rachel know that she could make a mistake or regret sending him home. I remain confused about how confident he feels about all this. Matt goes the humble, kind route. Seeing Matt be a generally nice guy makes me wish I had seen more of him this season. After the past few weeks seeing the connection between Eric and Rachel grow has been really nice. Its also incredible how he encourages her so much. It is that black love experience that is so much deeper of a connection between the two of them. It’s that “ride or die” vibe that makes my heart swell.

So we have a final four featuring Eric, Peter, Dean and Bryan. Two of these guys have never brought any woman home to meet their parents… ever. Is that a red flag? For Dean, definitely not. For Eric, maybe. We will see next week!


xo Taylor


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