25 to Life: The Calm Before

25 to Life: The Calm Before

Happy Bachelor Day Everyone!

2016 brought us a lot of devastation. We lost a lot of great people, the world seems to be a bit more unstable, and this whole global warming thing is really putting a cramp in my winter weather wardrobe. But thank goodness for ABC ringing in 2017 with a brand new season of The Bachelor with one of the most controversial men in franchise history.

Nick Viall hasn’t been painted as much of a “good guy” in his now fourth attempts to find love on this show. We can’t forget the slut shame heard round the world when Nick asked Andi on his first round of After The Final Rose, “If you weren’t in love with me, then why did you make love to me?” Like a girl can’t get her rocks off! Also, please don’t make me feel bad for you Nick. You got something out of this too. He then returned with the “I’m not here to make friends” attitude on Kaitlyn’s season, bedding her before the sanctioned Fantasy Suite timeframe and still ended up losing to another more buff and gruff guy.

But wait there is more, Nick came back again for Bachelor in Paradise only to break things off with his intended Jen at the end of the show because the better offer of being The Bachelor came along.

Yeah. That's our bachelor. From the neck down, he's a 10. From the neck up, absolutely not.

Yeah. That’s our bachelor. From the neck down, he’s a 10. From the neck up, absolutely not.

Now that we know the history, Nick gets the opportunity to have all eyes on him as The Bachelor. Of course this is what he has really wanted all along. And since we can’t get excited about him, let’s talk about the few things we can be excited about this season:

DIVERSITY: An Old Wooden Ship

There are at least 10 women of color on this season. TEN. That is a double digit. I can’t believe it and my heart is palpitating at the possibilities. That is an insane number and I am counting that number only based on the photos of these women alone. For a show that has a had a number of issues with bringing more diversity on to the program, this is definitely a step in the right direction. Rumor has it, there might be the first Bachelorette of color in their midst! Insert heaving breathing meme here.

LIZ: The Doula

Much has been made of the mysterious woman who Nick slept with before the season even started. Well, it’s not much of a mystery because it’s Liz the Doula. The pair met at Jade and Tanner’s wedding (she was a bridesmaid and he was horny) and it turns out they have some unfinished business. Liz is mad hot and looks like she has a great head of hair. Two things in the 25 to Life wheelhouse that we love.


This one was a long time coming. With all of the sites out there that provide exceptional Bachelor Fantasy League services (like Reality Royale), ABC finally got off their high horse and realized one of the main reasons people watch this show is to gamble. Duh. Now we can gamble with mom and dad’s approval!

Don't these ladies look great? What's with the shark?

Don’t these ladies look great? What’s with the shark?

I am pumped to hate watch this season with all of the rest of you and 25 to Life will be there to hold your hand through all of this (what) drama. Need a refresher on Nick, why we hate him, and our Top 4 ladies for this season? We made a preview episode for you to refresh your memory. You can listen to it below or at 25tolife.podomatic.com. As always, compare the real life group photo composite to the photoshopped individual ones. There are a few ladies who look amazing in the group photo and less than in the promo shots. Who is doing the editing on these things? Give these woman an chance!

And one more thing, our worksheet is LIVE! Print this out and download it. Keep it in your office. Fold it up in your wallet like a photo of your baby cousin. Put it on your dashboard. Staple it to light poles. Get the word out.



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