25 to Life: Cheek Fidelity

25 to Life: Cheek Fidelity

Hi friends. We have a big week this week and it has been a long time since we’ve had a too be continued moment this late in the game on The Bachelorette. Instead of heading right to the exotic final location for the Fantasy Suites, Rachel instead has all three of the final guys meet her boos in Dallas before they head to romance town population them. She explains that her sister is 10 feet tall and 8 months pregnant so she wont be able to travel to meet everyone. Interesting that she felt that it was ok for her family to meet one of the guys she plans to cast off as well. Is her decision on a husband that close where she thinks it’s important for her to introduce all three of them to The Lindsays?

First up is Peter’s hometown meet up. His goes exceptionally well, because he is just as skeptical as Rachel’s mother about the process. The family appreciates that he is taking this seriously and that he isn’t very sure about what he wants out of this. He has been clear to Rachel about what he does and doesn’t want to do with her — he wants to be with her, but marriage is not on the table for him right now. The family responds to his Midwestern sensibility and kindness with a cautiously optimistic thumbs up.

Next is Eric. He is the personification of joy. He has evolved so much in this process and he is trying really hard to let people know that he is really into Rachel. Though he has never been in love and never brought anyone home, he wants to make sure people know that he is ready for this. I really can’t understand the problem here. Never having been in love is not a requirement to be on this show and it is not a requirement for having a healthy relationship. What if Eric was focused on himself? What if he just didn’t find anyone who was worthy to introduce to his family? All of those things are ok. The Lindsays give Eric a soft, “this is fine” at the end of the date.

Finally, we have to sit through the uncomfortable moment of Bryan meeting the family. He came off as such a skeeze in this moment. Instead of hugging Rachel’s mom upon meeting he shook her hand. When asked about how he feels about her, he didn’t use her name. He talked about the fairy tale. He talked about his girlfriend. He talked about how much he loves his mother. He didn’t once mention any red flags. Everything is perfect and his talking points are not going over well with the family. They grill him and he excuses himself. Rachel defends her man which you know means she is trying to get her family to back off on someone she is really in love with. No one seems to be behind her decision to kind of be with Bryan. The family reluctantly sends the two of them off to Spain praying that they don’t come back engaged.

Rachel heads to the fantasy suite with Eric and their evening seems to go well. Their implied intercourse goes off without a hitch.

The big date is the one with Peter. Rachel is still looking for confirmation of the relationship with Peter. I am frustrated at why she is pushing him so hard to “compromise” on an issue that could be detrimental to the entire foundation of their relationship. You would never want someone to propose to you with an ultimatum. One person always resents the other and one person also always feels like they only want to marry them because they were forced into it. Peter’s reasoning is valid. Rachel seems a bit unreasonable because Peter is perfect. We end the episode on “To Be Continued” and it reminds me of the break-up we saw with Des and Brooks many seasons ago. I hope we don’t have to relive that.


xo Taylor

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