25 to Life: Early Red Flaygs

25 to Life: Early Red Flaygs

Hi People! We’re back for another magical season of The Bachelorette.

Usually on our first week out we talk about the guys to watch this season. Who do we like, who should we watch out for, and who is going to grind our gears three weeks from now. Let’s play!

Colton, 26 – Former Pro-Football Player

Colton was the first out of the limo which you know is the hot spot for anyone on the show. This guy is hot, kind, and (allegedly) a virgin. He also formerly dated queen of everything Aly RaismanĀ and in his post football career has gone the road of philanthropist. This guy is cool calm and collected and is going to go far.

Blake, 28 – Sales Rep

This guy can not get away from animals. We met Blake on After the Final Rose with a horse and tonight on the back of an ox. Another kind gentleman with probably good roots and a reasonable background. He’s cute enough to stay on the show for a while.

John, 28 – Software Engineer

We know John. We call him Hot John. He deserves everything. He basically invented Venmo.

Wills, 29 – Graphic Designer

Wills didn’t get a lot of PT on this week’s episode he is all over the trailer for this season! Could this be it? Could this be the Black Bachelor we’ve been looking for? He is also a Harry Potter fan so I am sold.

Joe, 31 – Grocery Store Owner

Joe went home and I am devastated. He is a salt of the earth gentleman and all around cool customer. Becca didn’t see it, but I saw it. He created a business from the ground up in the South Side of Chicago and yet, hasn’t had the time to find love. I see it soon for him with many of the women from Bachelor Nation.

Lincoln, 26 – Account Sales Executive

Another guy we met during After the Final Rose who has a big personality and Becca seems to like him a lot. He is from Nigeria and is super jacked. All signs point to yes.

Garrett, 29 – Medical Sales Rep

This goon got on this show and embarrassed himself, but Becca was charmed by his hunting and fishing. Come to find out, the other shoe has already dropped for Garrett via the internet. He seems like a nice enough goofball which she also enjoys as well, but unless he can get his politics together, this relationship isn’t going to work.

Check in with us next week when we get to the real dates and our first 1:1 with Becca.

Enjoy the season!

xo Taylor


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