25 to Life: Emotional Intelligence

25 to Life: Emotional Intelligence

Hi babies! I missed you all last week and frankly, The Bachelor isn’t the same without a 25 to Life it is at 100% full power. Thank goodness I’m back this week to witness one of the most romantic and exciting dates of all time.

First up, we start the episode with Corinne and Taylor finishing their fight about nothing. They are slinging faux insults at one another. Taylor says Corinne has no emotional intelligence. Corinne says Taylor is a bitch. How deep. The rest of the woman (similar to the rest of us watching) are pretty much over their fight, but the show clearly wants to make sure we are invested in this fight at least for another few hours. We lose Sarah who at least had a few weeks left in her and Astrid who I assumed would stay this week. Did anyone else feel really bad for the women having to stand out in that barn for hours in the cold shooting that rose ceremony? Kristina (knowing how how cold the winters in St. Petersburg can be) was one of the few ladies wearing a coat. Smart girl.

We hit the first 1:1 date in New Orleans and we finally have the moment we have been waiting for, Nick’s first date with his first impression rose winner, Rachel. I adore the two of them together for a number of different reasons. One of them being how attracted he is to her and how cool she seems about the whole thing. Watching him hang all over her (and can Nick dance??), steal glances at her, and to be very vocal with her about the status of their relationship. He all, but said he was in love with her and it showed. I’m so happy she is on this show and she is unapologetically herself. She has no baggage and she is going to be OK whether she is gets picked or not. She gets the rose and continues to be amazing. She’s getting to the Fantasy Suite for sure. I also stand by my bold statement made on the podcast that Rachel is in the running to become our next Bachelorette.

Aren't they so cute together watching a musical act perform in a dungeon. They really blew their budget on the Backstreet Boys this season.

Aren’t they so cute together watching a musical act perform in a dungeon? They really blew their budget on the Backstreet Boys this season.


We then go to an uneventful group date on a plantation. It’s haunted and Danielle M. gets the rose.

Finally the major milestone knockdown drag out has Corinne and Taylor headed out to the bayou to learn about voodoo. If it were me on this date, I would love to go on this date with a sane person. Corinne uses her percent in the best way possible by bagging on Taylor and convinces Nick that she is here for him and not for all of the drama the other women are causing. Nick of course, believes Corinne’s boobs over Taylor’s emotional intelligence. Nick picks Corinne and sails off into the New Orleans night leaving Taylor alone to become an extra in American Horror Story Coven. Taylor refuses to let this go and the producers she heads straight to Nick and Corinne’s 1:1 date to put one final hex on their relationship.

Next week, I think we finally see the end of Corinne, but not without a few contestant casualties on the way.


xo Taylor

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