25 to Life: Getting There

25 to Life: Getting There

Hi Friends. We’re finally at the end of this season of The Bachelor. As we discussed, Colton and Cassie are back together… and that’s it.

Cassie left him for nothing because Colton wore her down so hard that he ended up convincing her to get back together with him. She talked about how she didn’t want to be in any relationship because she had been in a controlling one before. Colton told her that he wasn’t going to force her to do anything she didn’t want to do—except be in a relationship with him.

After she meets his family (who is not convinced that any of this is going to work out), they finally get to the Fantasy Suite. Colton has been vocal about his virginity all season and all of a sudden when he finally bangs Cassie, he clams up.

They get on the after the show and talk about how Cassie is finally in love now, Air Supply performs, they release some butterflies, and get a free trip to Thailand.

Later, Hannah B. is announced as The Bachelorette. As we already know, Hannah can’t put two sentences together. She can’t put one together and its not cute. We meet 5 of her guys from this season and they look pretty worried about fostering a relationship with her.

The new season starts on May 13! See you then.



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