25 to Life: Goodbye Princess

25 to Life: Goodbye Princess

This season of The Bachelor continues to get juicy. They start right up from the end of the last episode where Nick has threatened to walk out on the rest of the women that he has left. This man is so distraught from a breakup with some woman (Danielle L. god rest her soul) he didn’t even like that he would threaten walking away from TV time. I can’t believe that he would actually let a moment pass where he isn’t on TV. Come to find out, I’m right…duh.

This week everyone gets a date in some capacity, which was a surprise to me. The catch is that only one rose will be given out on the group date and thats it. No more roses until the cocktail party.

First up there is Vanessa who has her second a 1:1 date. She’s wearing an incredible dress and an incredible bikini, what could go wrong? After she professes her love for him, Nick basically says “Go Bucks.” rather than saying something that means something back to her. Remember last season when Ben said I love you to two women only to pick one of them in the end. That is why we have rules, guys! Vanessa was pissed, but she knew that there were a few moments where she would have to deal with Nick’s crap in order to get that multiple carat Neil Lane.

Next up, we sat through a group date featuring Corinne’s insecurities with supporting performances by Kristina’s perfection and Raven’s hair. Kristina was killing this date. She was all over Nick, getting rubbed up with sunscreen, and being comforted by him when she freaked out about seeing sharks during their date. Corinne couldn’t take it. She wanted the attention to be on her and only her. You could tell she was starting to break way down and she was starting to get nervous about her standing with Nick. Hometowns are critical in this show and next week means he really wants to continue to get to know you and your family. Without hesitation, Corinne used the only thing she knew how to get what she wanted — her body. After Danielle’s sad and boring 1:1 date (where she went home after having a lackluster connection with Nick) Corinne decided to head over to Nick’s place for a little 2 become 1 time. Never in my life have I seen an instance where Nick had some level of self control, but he turned Corinne down. Maybe he’s turning over a new leaf… NOT.


The last 1:1 date belonged to Rachel who is an angel and who was just announced to be The Bachelorette! Spoiler alert — I’m thrilled. I am so excited. She stands out among the crowd. She’s a joy to watch and by the way… she is a lawyer. I’ll be shouting #blackgirlmagic all season long. On her 1:1 date with Nick, they take about meeting her family and what he should expect from the Lindsay family. She said she’s never brought home a white guy, but that wouldn’t really be an issue for her family. If anything, being with a guy who is also dating 30 women is probably the larger issue for her parents.

As the women try to gather themselves for the evenings cocktail party, in walks Nick with another announcement. He wants to cut down the women from 5 to 4 so we can get these hometown dates over and done with. Corinne continues to meltdown since he refused her advances only the night before and she clearly doesn’t have as strong of a connection with Nick as the other women do. Much to her and my surprise, he sends Kristina home. A travesty if you ask me, especially after her incredible run in the last few weeks.

Next week, it doesn’t seem like Nick is done kicking people off before hometowns. Frankly, he doesn’t seem like he’s going to anyone’s hometown at all. Here’s hoping!




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