25 to Life: Hannah Be Silent

Hi People! Welcome back to another episode of The Bachelorette. This episode is action packed and is the last one before Hometowns. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Jed and TyTy get second chances 

With hometowns being right around the corner, Hannah needs to make some tough decisions. She wants to get the easy ones out of the way so she starts the week with two slam dunk 1:1 dates with Jed and Tyler. Jed gets the walk and talk and Tyler gets to ride horses. There was no question that either of them wouldn’t get the rose so there is not much drama here.

Connor Goes Home

Connor feels like he didn’t get enough time to spend with Hannah so he went to her hotel room to threaten a 1:1 date or he was leaving. Based on the other guys she had left, she didn’t put up much of a fight.

Mike on Bikes

The final 1:1 date goes to my boo, Mike. Based on the way he’s talking, he’s not long for this world. He’s so excited about Hannah and their relationship in all of his interviews and she isn’t interviewed once during their date. He isn’t long for this world and gets sent home. #MikeforBachelor

Our last group date

Peter, Garrett, and Luke spent a bit of time with Hannah in a hallowed out castle. Peter didn’t have much to worry about and Hannah quickly gave him her third hometown date rose. Was there ever any doubt? The big question came between the final show down between Garrett and Luke. Somehow Hannah was easily able to hear the guys fighting during that one cocktail party, but couldn’t hear Luke screaming at Garrett in a hollowed out castle!? Weird. Hannah falls for Luke’s mess and picks him to go to hometowns. The guys are distraught, but Hometowns means never having to talk to Luke again!

What will happen when Hannah goes to Gainesville, LA, Jupiter, and Nashville? We’ll see next week.



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