25 to Life: Lauren X

25 to Life: Lauren X

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to this season of The Bachelor and a brand new season of 25 to Life. We are celebrating 10 seasons, a marriage, and a bachelor we all love to hate.

Now remember, Arie comes to us 5 years after his last appearance on the show. He was dumped by Emily Maynard, The Bachelorette, and then faded into obscurity. Allegedly, Arie has been seen cruising Arizona co-eds in his time off, but no one is actually talking about that right now.

Since this is the first episode there isn’t too much to say about the women and what happened so we are going to go through some of our notables and talk bold predictions for this season.

  • Bekah, The Nanny, Fresno – I really adore her. She is one of the first women ever to be on this show with short hair so she has my heart. Also, no one is talking about how old she is so she is either 40 (unlikely) or 12 (v. likely). Arie likes young women and she at least seems to have a bit of a good head on her shoulders so this one might go far.
  • Sienne, Commercial Real Estate Manager, LBC – Sienne is a queen. She’s beautiful. She’s smart (she straight up went to Yale). She seems like she has it together and she is a diamond among the rough of all of these women. She won’t win because of course we can’t have nice things.
  • Chelsea, Single Mom, Maine – This one is going to be a troublemaker, but she also got the first impression rose. Chelsea believes she is owed something because she is a single mom. She badmouths the other girls openly and she steals Arie away in retaliation for someone doing the same to her on night one. She doesn’t look like she’s part of the traveling circus so sh might not be around for too long.
  • Becca, Publicist, Minnesota – I was pleasantly surprised by Becca. She was much prettier on TV than she was in her photo and she really charmed Arie. She seems fun and very open to the process. She also gets the first 1:1 date which will bode well for the survival on the show.
  • Krystal, Fitness Instructor, San Diego – I like Krystal, but she seems like the second Chelsea leaves the show she will turn into the villain on the show. She has a good back story with a seamingly perfect life, but a homeless brother that could showcase well during her hometown date.
  • Caroline, Realestate Agent, Florida – As the female version of Arie, Caroline has it all. Men love women who look like them and talk like them so she is a shoe in for hometowns.
  • Tia, Raven’s BFF, Weiner – The fact that Tia is friends with Raven means that she definitely will be on the show for a while. Anytime someone knows a Bachelor alumni (and a high ranking one at that) means that they get to be an automatic producer plant that isn’t even close to Arie’s type.
  • There are 4 Lauren’s and only three of them made it through to the next round.

Bold predictions are a lot of crying, Sienne bring on the show for a while (or at least for as long as possible), and Krystal making a run for the finale. Also, someone has an ex-boyfriend that has decided to come and get back their woman.

Sounds like a fun season. Are we to the part where Sienne gets to be The Bachelorette? Let’s fast forward to June!


XO Taylor

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