25 to Life: If You Must

25 to Life: If You Must

This is a big episode of The Bachelorette for us because we are celebrating 100 episodes of the podcast. Can you believe it? We have done so much over the course of the last few years and starting this podcast has been the greatest joy of my life. I love this show. I love you guys for thinking we are funny and even when I hate this show (which is a lot) it finds a way to love me back. Thanks for all of the good times and thanks to Give Me Mora for hosting us.

On to hometowns!

Eric in Baltimore

This was a really great date. Like really great. Eric has a Love & Basketball moment with Rachel in his hometown of Baltimore. The two of them have an easy chemistry between the two of them and Eric has completely changed from who he was early on this show. He brings our girl to meet his family and she got along with them well too. There was an ease that she had with Eric. The body language was all there between the two of them. What more can you say? Eric also had really deep conversations with both of his parents. How his mother kept him at a distance to help him “not need her.” How his father wasn’t there for him but fully supports his decisions and how proud he is of who he has become. Eric is all the better for their love in their own way. It has been a long time since we have seen a family dynamic (among all of the other challenges Eric had growing up) that is so at peace with their love for one another. It would be an honor for Rachel to marry into this family.

Bryan in Miami

I still hate this guy. He is still smarmy. He is still inauthentic and somehow he still has his hooks in Rachel. For his date he takes her around Miami and shows her the “real side of the city.” I rolled my eyes. He then takes her home and divulges that he is an only child. It all makes sense now. The relationship he has with his mother and why no woman is good enough for him. I think if it was up to her, she would marry her own son. Rachel was pretty nervous about this one since in his last relationship Bryan’s mom was the reason that the two of them didn’t stay together. She should be nervous. Bryan’s mom could barely contain herself. Remember, this is a 37-year-old man with an overbearing mother. She has no other children to helicopter so when it comes to her baby no woman will ever be able to care for him like she does. Sounds like a fun life, Rachel! Bryan continues to put moves on Rachel and she falls for every trick in the book.

Peter in Madison

We head home to see Peter be perfect in Madison, Wisconsin. With Madison being a college town the environment is pretty progressive which is probably why someone like Peter thrives in his hometown. Rachel meets a few of Peter’s friends and their girlfriends and they all get along pretty well. Peter seems like the kind of guy who has a close group of friends and it will take a lot for someone else to infiltrate that group. This is probably why he didn’t make too many close friends while in the house with the other bros and why he has kept so many of his feelings about Rachel and this process so close to the vest. When he is opening up to his friends, this is the most I’ve heard him talk all season. His friends urge him not to mess this up. At Peter’s parent’s house, Rachel has a talk with Peter’s mom about how sure he might be about being engaged at the end of this. The family isn’t sure, but they know for sure that Rachel is a catch and that all of the issues that Peter might have are strongly self inflicted. He didn’t drop the L-bomb at the end of their date which puts Rachel off a bit too. All I have to say… please don’t ruin this. And I’m taking to both of them.

Dean in Aspen

Oh wow. Poor Dean. Did anyone feel like the producers put him up to this? There have been many times in the shows history where people haven’t had their parents on the show. I mean, Rachel didn’t have her own father on the show. Michelle Money didn’t have her parents on the show. Why didn’t Dean feel like if he wasn’t in a good place with his family that he needed to have them appear? The two of them start their date by heading out on ATVs for a fun time and then they talk about who they are going to be meeting while in Aspen. Dean is pretty clear that he hasn’t seen or spoken to his father in 2 years and that this is the first time his family is getting together after about 8 years. This is a huge deal. He breaks down to Rachel that he and his father haven’t talked about his mother’s death and how their relationship changed. As someone who has a difficult family dynamic I understand what Rachel was trying to help by telling Dean he needed to talk to his dad. Yes he did need to talk to his dad and express himself. Did he need to do it right then when she was meeting them for the first time? HELL NO. The whole date started pretty ok with a meditation and some nice conversation. Then things took a turn when Dean started talking to his dad 1:1. Thought you can tell Dean’s dad still isn’t really over the passing of his first wife, he didn’t apologize for his behavior toward Dead as he was growing up. He was gas lighting him and dismissed the feelings of his own son as, “personal problems.” This was really hard to watch. Then when Rachel tried to talk to Dean’s father, he was completely dismissive. The visit to Aspen was supposed to be about Rachel and Dean, not about Dean’s unresolved issues. I feel terrible for him and he paid the ultimate price.

Next week, the bros meet Rachel’s family and head to Spain for some sexy time.


xo Taylor

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