25 to Life: The Return of Mundo

25 to Life: The Return of Mundo

Welcome to this season of The Bachelor, everyone! Now that we have the first episode of the show under our belt we now have a few things to say. Since much has been made about Nick’s triumphant return to television we won’t bore you with the backstory, but what I will mention is how much people are so focused on Nick’s inability to keep it in his pants. It is pretty much all he talks about and what he seems to be known for, but come on people. It’s gross and he’s too old for this.

Anyway, we meet 30 wonderful and actually interesting women this season who instead of being confident and amazing, turn into mush at the chance of meeting a celebrity. Ladies, Nick isn’t a celebrity. He is just some fuckboi who got lucky with a show that is bank rolling his life. You deserve better than that. Here are some of the highlights from round one:

A few of the girls REALLY got me excited. Namely both of the Danielles in two very different ways. Danielle L. is literally the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I am obsessed with her and I would drink her bathwater if I had the option. Danielle M. is also someone to watch this season. She is soft spoken and another one who is very confident in herself. She is successful and doesn’t need to try too hard to be herself. I am feeling that.

Also, can we talk about Rachel? She got the first impression rose. She is cool, calm, and confident. She is 31 (great to see Nick attracted to a woman in his age range) and they keep showing her in all of the promos. What does this mean ABC!? Could she be the one?! The One to break the spell?! Stop getting me excited about this woman!

Can we also talk about Vanessa? WOW. What a total package. She’s smart, speaks languages, she’s got great hair and she is a special ed teacher? Yes. Please. I slept on her earlier in the contestant selection process and I am so sorry I did. She’s got something and she will go far.

I knew Liz The Doula would stir up some trouble. Trouble is… I’m here for it and Nick likes that she is playing hard to get. He likes a woman that is a challenge and he is going to have to try hard to win her over. Her confidence is also through the roof. All of these women are talking like crazy about how they want to kiss Nick, but not Liz. She already had the prize. Now she needs to work a little harder for Nick to actually get to know her. I am intrigued.

Did Nick get new teeth? He at least whitened them.

This season I am really excited about seeing more of these women and how they evolve. I could literally care less about Nick. I want to see the relationships’s among the women get deeper. I want to see friendships. I want to be a fly on the wall. I want to see what clothes they wear and what kind of conversations they are having. This one is going to be good.




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