25 to Life: Can I Say Something?

25 to Life: Can I Say Something?
The ladies look on as they air their grievances on this Bachelor Special.

The ladies look on as they air their grievances on this Bachelor Special.

Women… amiright? This week on The Bachelor our brains were consumed (mine almost melted) at the mudslinging that occurred on The Women Tell All. Britt spent most of the night crying making me think that her tears were not about heartbreak, but about finally having the realization that my mother told me at a young age – “Everyone isn’t going to love you like I do.” She spent most of the night not trying to apologize to Chris for acting crazy in Deadwood Santa Fe Utah Iowa, but to get to the bottom of why Carly would destroy her relationship. Additionally, we heard from my favorite person Jade who had the most heartbreaking story. I love Jade and she deserves everything amazing to happen to her. I feel terrible for how she was treated by Chris both on the show and AFTER the show via Chris’s scathing People Magazine blog. I can shout from the rooftops how much I want Jade to be The Bachelorette, but I need to suck it up and realize that Kaitlyn is being groomed for next season. Get ready fans because our Canadian Dance will be the next eligible single lady to choose her mate in front of a live television audience. Crop-tops and all!


xx Taylor


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