25 to Life: The Calm Before the Sex Storm

25 to Life: The Calm Before the Sex Storm
The boys listen to Kaitlyn's mariachi ballad in week 6 of The Bachelorette

The boys listen to Kaitlyn’s mariachi ballad in week 6 of The Bachelorette

On this week of The Bachelorette, we found ourselves trapped between a rock (Nick V.s entrance into the competition) and hard place (Shawn B.’s abs) while Kaitlyn was still unsure of how she was going to choose the right man to spend her life with. We started the episode with a rose ceremony (FINALLY) and ended with a dramatic walk off. I am starting to think that this is becoming a pattern.

The gang heads to San Antonio for a few dates while the animosity for Nick V. is thick in the air. Joshua says some things he wishes he could take back and Ian lets it all hang out. Our high rollers, Ben H. and Shawn B. made some serious headway this week by opening up to Kaitlyn with their sob stories about being in a long distance relationship that didn’t work out and a catastrophic car accident, respectively.  That takes our car wreck count up to two this season. The only truly exciting moments about this episode had everything to do with Kaitlyn’s wardrobe.  It started with her super cute coat from the rose ceremony, followed by the AG by Alexa Chung denim dress, and finished with her fringe moments during the evening dates. You can take the Canadian out of the girl,  but you can dress her like a stereotypical cowgirl when she goes to Texas. Next week – we get to see who Kaitlyn has sex with and Shawn B. and his abs are pissed about it.



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