25 to Life: Winter is Coming… Winter is Here

25 to Life: Winter is Coming… Winter is Here
Kaitlyn and her bros rap battle while Nick V. lurks in the darkness

Kaitlyn, Doug E. Fresh, and her bros rap battle while Nick V. lurks in the darkness

After tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette, my emotions are all over the place. Am I happy because I got to see Shawn B.’s abs? Of course. Am I confused as to how we have been through FIVE (count ’em — FIVE) episodes of this show with only two rose ceremonies? VERY. Am I furious that Nick V., one of the worst, most hated people in Bachelorette history is back to weasel his way into Kaitlyn’s heart? Definitely.

This week, the progression of Kaitlyn’s relationships with our remaining guys screeched to a halt with the introduction of Nick V. to the show. According to Kaitlyn, she and Nick has a very loose relationship before she came on the show. A few text messages were exchanged and she thought, that was that. However, in true Nick V. fashion, the goon wanted to try his chances at rekindling his non-existent relationship with our Bachelorette (with the producer’s help, of course). Not only did he spend most of the episode taking Kaitlyn’s mind and physical body away from the rest of the guys, he also poisoned the already fragile dynamic in the house. How do these guys know where they stand when they are competing with someone they have never met and with someone who already knows the rules of the “game”? I would be nervous, upset, confused, too. A one-on-one and another group date later — Kaitlyn makes the decision to move Nick V. into the house and let him compete for her heart. The episode ends with the guys pretty livid and Nick V. deservedly walking into the lion’s den. Join us next week for (hopefully) a rose ceremony  and the possible reveal of Kaitlyn’s sex partner.


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