4 Ways To Improve Your Digital Health

4 Ways To Improve Your Digital Health
  1. Clean up your digital space
    We now spend so much of our time on our smartphones, computers and the internet that they have become extensions of our own minds, which means that it is important to look after them as such. Full email inboxes, persistent notifications and cluttered digital folders have been proven to induce stress and anxiety in the workplace. To ensure that digital continues to benefit us without detriment to our mental health, we must look after our digital and online spaces by keeping them organized, clean and tidy. Thankfully there are a number of specialist programs, such as Clean My Mac X, which have been designed to help us clean away any unnecessary digital junk and alongside creating better digital habits these can help us to maintain a more organized digital space.

  2. Be mindful
    With technology infiltrating so much of our daily lives it can be easy to get lost in it. Do you know how much time you spend online each day? Are you aware of how often you are distracted by the internet? With each digital distraction taking approximately 23 minutes you may find that your relationship with the online world is what is causing a dip in your productivity. The key to overcoming digital distractions is to recognize them. Try using activity tracking apps to get an idea for how much time you spend online on each application each day so that you can find areas to make improvements.

  3. Be in control
    Because the internet is omnipresent it can be very difficult to switch off between work and pleasure. If you use the internet for your job then set yourself active hours and be strict about the times in which you will be contactable via digital channels such as email. Simplify your digital life by deciding when you let notifications in and switch off notifications for Apps or programs which you do not use or need. Regain control of your inbox by unsubscribing from advertising emails and sales updates from products which you will never buy or are uninterested in. The internet and the digital world are useful tools when used correctly and it’s important to remember who is using who.
  4. Protect your offline time

Downtime from the internet is important so be sure to schedule in some offline time each day and to protect it. Don’t be tempted to check your emails, scroll social media or mindlessly trawl through shopping websites – switch off completely and be present in the moment. Why not try an activity such as meditation which can help to bring you back into the moment.

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