5 Justin Bieber Covers You Need To Listen To

5 Justin Bieber Covers You Need To Listen To

GAHHHH I am such a Belieber these days you guys! His new album, Purpose, is unreal. I really never thought I would say that in my life. He ditched the Usher-esque songs and is now releasing banger after banger and I #canteven.

Here are my top 5 covers from his new album that you NEEEED to listen to!

  1. Wildcard – I’ll Show You



2. Rajiv Dhall – The Feeling

3. Mary English – Love Yourself

4. Purpose – Georgia Merry

5. Sorry – Tayler Buono


What are some of your favorite covers off of the Purpose album? Share them here so we can all bask in all the glory that is J Biebs!

xo NM

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  • danielle says:

    absolutely love the album, definitely going to listen to these!


  • amanda says:

    love the new JB album! and loving the covers too



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