5 Things Brands Should Avoid With Influencers

5 Things Brands Should Avoid With Influencers

I’ve been a brand ambassador for five years now. After working with different brands as an Influencer, I’ve come to see some major DON’T’s. While us Influencers LOVE a good sponsorship deal, we also are aware when a brand is taking advantage of us. 

If you’re running a brand, here are some DO NOTs in the world of working with Influencers:

  1. DO NOT make your Influencer buy your product at a discounted rate and then do an in-feed post. This is by far the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen from brands. I get at least 5 emails a week saying, “Hey Nic! We’d love for you to try our product at an 80% discount in exchange for an in-feed post!” Uhm, no. I am not going to essentially pay to work with you. Thank u, next. 
  2. AVOID gifting products in exchange for in-feed posts with Influencers who have a following of 10K+. I’m all for doing IG stories for brands in exchange, but it’s not fair to your brand ambassador to not be compensated.
  3. Keep in mind that working with Influencers will NOT necessarily generate sales. Do not put that on your ambassador. Unless you are paying a Kardashian, the ability for an Influencer to move significant product is rare. I can move product, but not in immense amounts. Paying someone to promote your brand should be for the sake of brand awareness, name recognition, and great photos for you to repost on your social feeds. 
  4. Pay fairly. Big brands take so much advantage of the Influencer’s desire to be aligned with a big brand that they do not compensate fairly. I have taken so many hits just to say I worked with a big brand when I was first starting out. The truth is, every business has a marketing budget and if they don’t, that’s their issue. Big brands have the funds to pay you. Negotiate if you’re an Influencer, and pay the right amount if you’re a brand. Social Blue Book is a great tool to determine your social media rates. 
  5. Authentic Messaging. I know brands love giving Influencer’s exact copy of what to post in their captions, but it doesn’t work. It screams #AD way too loud. Give your brand ambassador some key points that you want to get across and let them create content that is the most authentic to them + their brand. 

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