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5 Things I Learned From A Life Coach

5 Things I Learned From A Life Coach

I used to think a life coach was for people who had no direction on where to go. While that can hold true, it isn’t always the case. 

I’ve been connecting with my Sophie (pictured above), who happens to be a life coach, a lot more lately and have been able to learn a lot from her.

Here are my 5 favorite lessons that I feel could benefit you, too:

  1. Pay attention to the signs. Without sounding too “woo woo,” it’s important to pay attention to what the universe is trying to tell you. For me, it was to recognize that my business was slow for a reason. After sitting in that thought for some time, I realized I needed this slow time in my career to soul search before my next step. I had no choice but to sit down and really think about what I wanted in my career going forward. Take a look at what or what isn’t coming your way and if you look hard enough, you’ll see what the universe is trying to tell you. 
  2. Know your worth. This one is my favorite lesson Sophie taught me. When you provide discounts, it tells the universe to keep presenting those type of opportunities to you. I recently had to negotiate with a big brand that wasn’t valuing me or my time. I was SO scared to tell them what I wanted and was tempted to settle for their (very poor) offer. After listening to Sophie’s Facebook live, I sent them a fair offer and told them to take it or leave it. They took it! I’m going to do a full blog post on this topic soon because it’s THAT important. 
  3. Rewire your brain. The way we think or speak affects our day to day lives. How do you speak to yourself? How do you view yourself? I’m the first one to tell you I can be awful to myself. When you believe you are deserving and are worthy, you will create abundance. This has been super hard for me, I won’t lie. I started by telling myself daily affirmations like “I am abundant” and “I am worthy.” Eventually, it works!
  4. There’s nothing wrong with being selfish. The negative connotation that being selfish has is what has kept me from being selfish. In fear that I would be called selfish, I made myself more selfless – which in reality, did me no favors. It sure did everyone else a ton of favors though! Putting yourself first may be considered selfish, but you can’t be great without being the best version of yourself. That includes saying no to people, blocking out time for yourself, and making your wants and needs your number 1 priority. 
  5. Trust & align yourself. When you are not in alignment with your true self and WHO you are versus what you think you are, nothing better is going to come your way. It’s important to trust the process when things don’t go the way you planned that something better is coming. However, nothing better will come along if you’re not fully in tune with who you are and what your soul wants. 

I think it’s cool to have a life coach at any age! Every year you should be growing and evolving, and it’s nice to have someone guiding you. There’s a reason why they say every coach has a coach. 

Keep up with Sophie:

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