7 Blunders To Avoid When Planning A Bachelorette Party

7 Blunders To Avoid When Planning A Bachelorette Party

The key to a good bachelorette party is to make it fun – not just for the bride-to-be, but for everyone attending. If you’ve been tasked with organizing a bachelorette party, here are some of the biggest blunders that you’ll want to avoid to ensure that the event goes smoothly.

Inviting guests too late

Invite guests too late and you could find that many of these guests aren’t able to come due to other plans. Aim to get contact details from the bride-to-be as soon as possible so that you can send out those invites early.


Planning too much will make the party feel rushed and chaotic. If you’ve planned an itinerary of bars to go to, make sure that you’ve set a reasonable time limit in each one and that there aren’t too many bars on your list. Having a sense of spontaneity will help to keep the party fun by allowing people to relax.

Ignoring everyone’s budget

Some guests may not have much money to spend. Consequently, a week-long vacation might be out of the window. Find out what everyone is willing to spend first so that key guests are able to come. In some cases, the bride-to-be may offer to pay some money towards activities, however traditionally the bride-to-be doesn’t pay anything (in which case, everyone else will have to chip in).

Communicating poorly

It’s important that all guests are kept up to date on what’s going on. An easy way to keep everyone in the loop could be to start a group chat or an event page on Facebook. If certain guests haven’t got Facebook, you could always notify them separately. Decide whether to keep things a surprise for the bride-to-be.

Not planning an icebreaker activity

It’s possible that everyone attending your bachelorette party may already know each other. However, there could be other cases in which multiple friend groups have to mix. In these cases, it’s worth planning an activity that will help break the ice before going straight out partying. You could try playing a game or planning an activity that will get everyone talking. This could encourage friend groups to mingle so that they aren’t separated the entire night.

Forgetting to plan transport

Forgetting to plan transport could mean having to book expensive taxis last minute and it could split up the party. A mini bus could allow for more room, allowing everyone to travel as one – there’s certain to be plenty of room with a 24 passenger mini bus. Alternatively, you could opt for a bit of luxury and book a limousine.

Forgetting to plan meals

Most bachelorette parties involve a lot of drinking, but it’s important that everyone also eats. Make sure to plan a meal at the start of the night to line everyone’s stomach. Most parties go out to a restaurant, but you don’t have to do this.

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