Adore Me…In This Lingerie

Adore Me…In This Lingerie

Sorry Victoria’s Secret, but my heart is currently with Adore Me. New obsession alert!

I recently discovered Adore Me, a lingerie hub, after my mom got a Valentine’s Day package (obviously from my dad) from the website and saw the quality of lingerie and sleepwear was up to par with the stuff I buy at Victoria’s Secret. 

There are so many cute options on the website that I just couldn’t help myself by becoming a VIP member (costs $0, and no commitment needed in terms of buying anything).

Here is how the VIP membership works: you sign up and if you don’t want to buy something from the site by the 5th of that month, you just log on and click “skip” – and there will be no charge. You just have to make sure to click skip that month or you will be charged and it will go towards your next purchase anyways. Plus, every 6th set you buy is FREE!

After browsing, I decided on two different sets and checked out for the very affordable price of…


For two bras with matching panties. 

The sizes run a little small, so if you’re normally a 34A I would do the 32B. 

They came in the mail and I was so pleasantly surprised with my new lingerie! 

The quality is great and I got two full sets for the price of ONE BRA at VS. 

It’s definitely worth a try and the prices really can’t be beat. I was super skeptical at first, but quite frankly, the pieces are nicer in person than they are online. My personal faves are the unlined lace bras. Obviously in black.

Alright, I sound like their PR person now and I’m not even being paid for this post. 

Go ahead and use my referral link by clicking HERE to get a discount on your first set!

Have you ever ordered from Adore Me? What did you think?


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