Bridal Etiquette

Bridal Etiquette

So your hunny finally proposed, you said “yes”, and now you’re ready to start planning the big day!bridal

Last week you saw our post on bridesmaid etiquette, but this week we decided to turn the tables on the bride! Just because it’s your big day and you want everything your way doesn’t mean you can stomp all over everyone in the process.

Here are some rules for being a great bride! Whether or not you turn into Bridezilla 😉

1) Choose your bridal party wisely. There are a lot of politics that go into choosing who will be by your side for the big day and for all of the events leading up to it — be sure to think things through before you jump right in and ask whoever. If there are some that are close to you but didn’t make the cut, have a conversation with them prior to asking your bridal party. Sometimes people want to keep their group small and that’s totally okay, but often the ones who didn’t get asked are still invited to all of the festivities.

2) Be considerate. Just as your bridesmaids need to be considerate of you, you need to be considerate of them. If you’ve ever been in their position, you know how costly being in a wedding party can be. Discuss budgets, ideas, and absolutely everything beforehand. If some of your party can’t afford an $800 bridesmaid dress, try to find an alternative.

3) Don’t be demanding. Your bridal party is happy to do anything for you as long as you do not demand them to do so. No one wants to do anything nice for someone else if they expect it. People will give you what they can, appreciate it and move forward. You have better things to worry about!

4) Be the glue. Dealing with a group of girls can be tough — not everyone will get along, things will not go according to plan, and there may even be drama. As the bride, you are the glue that will hold everyone together. The girls may not agree on everything, but the one thing they WILL agree on is their love for you. If the girls don’t really know each other, send out an email introducing everyone, their positions in the bridal party and what they mean to you. My cousin did this for us and it was so nice to put a face to the names! Plus, now everyone has the girls’ emails so they can get to planning things for you 😉

5) Do something nice. The bridesmaids and MOH are going to be so busy making sure your big day and all of the parties go off without a hitch, so the least you can do is make sure they know they are appreciated. Maybe plan a girls day for them and treat them to mani/pedi’s or buy them something small like a piece of jewelry. It’s the little things in life and they will so appreciate the fact that you took time out of your hectic planning schedule to do something for them.

6) Be flexible. Getting married is such a monumental time for you, but it’s not as big of a deal for everyone else. I mean, it’s still a big deal, but it’s not the most important event of their lives like it is for you. Know beforehand that people have lives outside of your the parties and catering to you, so be flexible. Your entire bridal party may not be able to make it to your bachelorette party or bridal shower due to something called real life jobs. Be sensitive to that.

7) Be thankful. Greet your guests, say thank you to everyone for coming, and acknowledge that people have taken time out of their own lives to celebrate your moment with you. There is nothing worse than an ungrateful bride! If you’re having a destination wedding, plan on at least doing a dinner beforehand or a breakfast the day after. That’s proper etiquette.

Enjoy your amazing day!

xo NM

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