Brunchin’ with Britt: To Swipe Right or NOT!

Brunchin’ with Britt: To Swipe Right or NOT!

You KNOW this millennial is all about brunch, so when my friend Britt Johnson asked me to hop onto her Youtube show, Brunchin’ with Britt, I obviously said yes. 

I met Britt when I was reporting at Hollyscoop and she was at The Fumble (owned by the same company). She’s the hot, knowledgable, and funny sports girl all guys want to date and girls want to be like. True story. Her new Youtube show, Brunchin’ with Britt, discusses all things in the realm of dating, relationships and trying to navigate it all. She’s had guests on like Matt Barnes and Bernard Berrian already. 

Britt, LaMont Tory, and I sipped mimosas and discussed one of my favorite topics for millennials: dating apps. Can you believe Lamont has never used a dating app? He has some major game. We had such a great time sharing stories and getting tipsy that we didn’t want to leave the set LOL. 

Check out our episode of Brunchin’ with Britt here: 

These two had me dying the whole time. Britt is such a great host and handled LaMont and I so well. Based on the Youtube comments already, I can see a lot of you men are just as obsessed with her as we are! 

We’ve already begged her to come back. What topic should we tackle next? Personally, I think LaMont should do an entire episode on how to pick up girls in person instead of dating apps. 

Head over to Britt’s Youtube channel, leave a comment, and subscribe! She dishes out some great sports content as well. 

xo NM

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