Cannes You Handle It?

Cannes You Handle It?

One word: epic.

If you find yourself in Cannes (which I highly recommend!) this is somewhere you absolutely MUST try. Situated down a cute little street not too far from La Croistette is Le Maschou. The street is filled with small open restaurants, wine bars, and a welcoming atmosphere.

We walked down the street to Le Maschou on a Saturday evening, and rolled our way back just after midnight having put ourselves into food comas…
Note to all…wear something comfortable (but still smart!).

Le Maschou has a five course set menu of divine food choices, which I couldn’t wait to share with you!

We were greeted by our waiter and seated outside at a cosy table for two. We were quickly served some delicious Sangria, and asked whether we wanted Chicken, Beef, or Lamb as our main. My choice was easy…Lamb any day!


Course number one was four large slices of flame toasted bread with a divine cream cheese and chive dip. I covered my bread with the dip and really could not stop myself from eating two whole pieces! Knowing I had four more courses I should have paced myself, but I just couldn’t resist; the picture doesn’t do it justice!


Course number two was orange melon with thinly sliced Bresaola; it was refreshing, light, and the melon with the Bresaola was a great combination.


Course number three made me laugh when it was served. I have never seen anything like it before; a huge basket of whole Crudités arrived at our table, with two different dips (a vinaigrette and a thousand island type dressing). We kept our cream cheese dip and mainly used this. The idea here is to make yourself a salad, but I found it much more fun to pick out different vegetables in the basket one by one, and eat them individually. I really enjoyed the celery, avocado, mushrooms, and cauliflower!


The main course (course number four) was served after a bit of a break, which was already much needed. At this point I was unsure as to how long I would go on for before feeling extremely full. The Lamb Chops were served on a wooden board, with a small, and tasty looking, jacket potato. We had four small chops each, which smelt heavenly. These chops were everything to me; soft, juicy, and so moreish! The potato was a good side to have too. It wasn’t too big, so we weren’t having too much carb…I don’t know how much I would have been able to eat if it were any bigger anyway!


Feeling extremely satisfied we were then offered either chocolate mousse, pineapple, crème brûlée, or fruit salad for dessert. We chose pineapple and chocolate mousse, and whilst waiting for this to arrive we were served biscuit curls…yum! I thought the desserts would be small. I was wrong. The chocolate mousse was huge, and I was convinced that if I tried to finish it I would be sitting in the restaurant for a good five hours. After a few spoons of mousse I was finished. I physically could not eat anything else.


After sitting and enjoying where we were it was time to leave. Upon leaving a waitress gave me a Rose, which was a nice little touch and perfect end to a lovely evening. Le Maschou is romantic, tasty, and reasonably priced considering the amount of food you consume. I would highly recommend going there as a couple, with some friends, or family. Just make sure you eat lightly on the day!

Elyse XO


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