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Dating Without The Label

Dating Without The Label

I haven’t come across an article online that’s sparked something in me in a long time. modern loveNot only do I look for articles that spark something for me, but I look for articles that will get you feeling things, too. The things we go through often have universal themes, and I think I’ve found something almost every “millennial” can relate to:

[highlight]Dating without the label and/or being in an uncommitted relationship.[/highlight]

In this new dating age where people can swipe right and have a match or find it acceptable to date 5 people at once, it’s hard to settle down and be committed. There has always been plenty more options for men to explore, but now women have more options and power to explore as well. Thus, this “hookup” culture has been created and there are less and less real relationships.

I came across this piece in the NY Times. The writer describes a situation she had where she wasn’t really dating this guy, but she couldn’t get over him. Throughout the entire article I kept nodding to myself and thinking ‘wow, this happened to me exactly and people thought I was crazy!’ Looks like there are plenty of cray crays like myself out there. 

The reason it’s so hard to get over someone you were never really with but spent years talking to on and off is because every time you’ve tried to get over them, they somehow reappeared just in time — or as I like to call it, just in the Nic of time. I once had my “Jeremy” like Jordana Narin, who is the author in the article, and it lasted 3.5 years, yet when I try to explain exactly what it was, I can’t. It was passionate, meaningful (to me, at least), and we went out on dates — but it wasn’t exactly “dating.”

The easiest way for me to explain it is that I dated someone on and off for 3 and a half years. But we weren’t really dating and we definitely were not committed to each other. 

The more time goes on, the more this “no labels, no drama” thing will become more common. I think we all need to bite the bullet, be brave, and take the plunge. 

Thoughts? Comments? Leave them below!

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