Doris Bergman’s Annual Oscar Style Lounge & Party

Doris Bergman’s Annual Oscar Style Lounge & Party

The best thing leading up to the Oscars are the parties. Obviously. 

Yesterday, I hit up Doris Bergman’s 11th Annual Oscar Style Lounge & Party at one of my favorite places in West Hollywood, Fig & Olive. 

Over 100 of Hollywood’s finest turned up to get gifted and it was definitely a sight to be seen. I ran into some old friends (Candice Rice from Floribama Shore) and met some new ones (Jenni Farley from Jersey Shore). 

Obviously I was caught harassing my girl Heather Marianna at her Beauty Kitchen booth! Heather and all of the products she creates are amazing so I can’t wait to try out the new goodies very soon. 

I also really enjoyed seeing Zirconmania & Diamond Veneers as they always have that extra bling every girl needs in her jewelry box. 

I love Doris Bergman’s events because she always has a charitable aspect. The pre-Oscars celebration benefited Wednesday’s Child, a weekly segment on Fox 11 by Christine Divine. I didn’t know that there are over 30,000 children receiving child welfare services! I’m glad Wednesday’s Child was front and center educating guests on this. Foster children are invited to join in and get the VIP treatment here. So kind and so cute. Every Hollywood event should have something like this. 

Gifts and services were provided by:
Jonathan Sweet of Building For The Stars, Buywine.com, Precious Vodka, Montecristo Cigars, Quantum Rejuvenation, Milena’s Boutique, CURTIS & Co. Timepieces, La Cristallerie des Parfum  de Paris, Free Bird Remedies, Lasio Hair Care, Beauty Kitchen, S&G THESIGN, Twisted Silver Jewelry, My Saint, My Hero Bracelets, Zirconmania & Diamond Veneer, Timmy Woods Designer Handbags, Sue Wong Couture Gowns & Fragrance, Sugar Me Life, Hint Water, Art Lewin Bespoke Suits & Tuxedos, Spa Girl Vodka, Rock Your Hair, Author Kathleen Heim “The Rules of Nines,” Olecea Beaute, LiquidNano, Junkless Granola Bars, Chapstick, Canteen Wine, Kam Shield, Canteen Wine, Dragon Island Spice Co., Vita Coco, Author Scott Kelley, “We All Die Young,” and VIP Gift Bags provided by BELLA MAGAZINE.   
How cute and ME is this French fries bag?!?! I’m dying. 
As always, I had a great time and my gift bag is POPPIN’. Best part of Oscars week for sure. 
xo NM
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