Get Jacked With Jesse: Working Out & Traveling

Get Jacked With Jesse: Working Out & Traveling

Hey everyone!

I’m currently traveling (for a little work and a lot of play), and will not have access to a real gym for quite a while! I love working out, but it’s a little difficult when you’re away and don’t have access to a gym nor want to waste an hour or two of your precious time.

Before I left, I shared my concerns with Jesse and he came up with the perfect solution! He gave me three basic & very simple moves to do while I’m away that will get my heartbeat up as well as get me more toned.

He recommends getting up a little earlier and doing this for 20 minutes, which is very doable.

Here is his travel workout, I hope you put it to good use — you know I am!

15 Body Squats

body squatbody squat 2

10 Push-Ups

push-uppush up 2

Can’t do a regular push-up? Do the modified version below.

modified push up startingmodified push up 2

20 Crunches

crunchcrunch 2


Do this small & quick circuit for however much time you have, but try to get in at least 5 rounds.

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