Get To Know Our Newest Writer: Jeremy Ely

Get To Know Our Newest Writer: Jeremy Ely

My team and I are so happy to officially welcome our newest writer, Jeremy Ely, to the Give Me Mora  family! Jeremy is super talented and we know you will love his writing as much as we do IMG_0987already. If you haven’t read his first post with us, you can click here to catch up.

I did a quick Q&A with Jeremy so that you could get to know a little more about the man behind the words. If there’s anything else you want to know you are more than welcome to post any questions you have for him below. xo NM

MORA Fun With Jeremy…

When did you first start writing?
It was in my second year of college. I was hungover and heartbroken one morning over a girl I’d been chasing a while. I was living at a frat house at the time, probably not the place to share feelings and expect constructive feedback in return. All of my friends were tired of hearing me talk about my woes with her, in fact. So that one morning when I couldn’t sleep, I started writing about it myself, and page after page, the craft came pretty naturally to me.
Short stories or novels? Why?
It used to be novels but now I think I prefer short stories. I prefer writing that is more light, enjoyable, fun and quick, and that’s probably why. The less of a commitment the more attractive a read for me. I tried to write novels but the process came a little too daunting. You lose sleep over it and think about it all the time, your teeth decay and your mental freak outs are frequent. A short story you have an idea, let it come out, finish, revisit, edit, and it makes for a more pleasant process.
What is your must-read piece of literature?
There’s a lot. If I had to pick one It would probably be ‘The Bus Driver Who Wanted to Be God,’ by Etgar Keret. He’s an Israeli writer and has his stories translated from Hebrew. His stories are quick, powerful, moving, light, and really get you to feel and think. That’s what I try to have my writing do to readers.
Where do you get your writing inspiration from?
Surprisingly, it’s probably from boredom. I recognize that without writing, which I won’t say I necessarily ‘love,’ I don’t have anything else I care too much about. I’m a pretty apathetic guy. In other words, my inspiration comes from the knowledge that without writing I won’t have anything I feel the need to work hard at. So, it’s an either ‘get with the train or watch it pass’ analogy.
Maybe that was too profound of an interpretation of the question. I get my inspiration, generally, from when I hear somebody say a good line, or make an interesting gesture, or when someone says something strange, and I reconnect it with a few other memories.
Favorite place to write?
Probably those ecclectic coffee shops, which, fortunately, are on almost every block in LA now. In my trunk I keep my satchel of writing gear and a lot of quarters. I like to park the car, toss an abundance of quarters into the meter– because I’m the type of person that if I park illegally for a minute, I’ll get a parking ticket on the first second of that minute — get a cappuccino and enjoy my solo company. Sometimes, if I’m feeling odd, I’ll start talking to strangers and say weird stuff. But generally I’ll keep to myself and look at people and think. I think, when I’m older, I’m going to be one of those strange people whose at the coffee shop all the time and everyone gets a little weirded out by.
Writing on a computer or writing with a pen and paper?
I prefer pen and paper. I keep a blue uni-ball vision elite pen in my pocket at all times. Not only is it a functional necessity — I need to have a pen handy — it’s become a mental thing. I feel unprepared, like a man without gums and condoms on Saturday night, if I don’t feel my pen in my pocket next to my wallet.
Anything you want our readers to know about you?
We are living in an age where despite everyone has a platform and a place to voice their opinions, we can be stifled out of fear of intense negative feedback. I understand that it’s everybody’s right to hate, love, comment, or make fun of whatever they want. What I would love people to know is that even if I write something they find revolting or disrespectful, those people still recognize that I am a person, and that we are creating a THING. Not everything a person creates is a reflection of that person. Also, I like football and the movie Raging Bull, if you ever want to talk about those two subjects.


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