The Participation Trophy

Give Me A Little Mora Reassurance

Give Me A Little Mora Reassurance

The topic of getting and receiving reassurance/affirmation has been at the forefront of my conversations lately. Generation Baby Boomers and Gen X just love to get at millennials for their need to be coddled and reassured, but what is the real issue here? Why has it become a “thing” that our generation of 20-somethings are supposedly needy and need a little Mora?

Well, for starters, we are the generation that got a freaking TROPHY just for showing up to our games and participating. Shout out to my fellow participation trophy winners – we were made to think we are the real MVPs.

So what? You think we are gonna survive in the real world when we don’t get the occasional “good job” or “you’re doing great”?! Who are we really trying to fool here? 

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My first instinct was to say sorry that we need reassurance but then I realized HOLD UP!! A lot of us were set up to expect it. Like Beyonce says…I ain’t sorry

At the end of the day sometimes all someone needs is a little affirmation. We are human. If you’re reading this and are a little older than us millennials, just think about how sometimes you are working your cute little bum off and the times when you just want to feel appreciated or acknowledged for your hard work. You want it, too. 

Please don’t even try and front that “in the real world you don’t get one.” BS. Yeah, we actually do. And guess what? If we don’t and aren’t appreciated in our work WE LEAVE.

Because we can. We can be our own bosses we can create our own opportunities rather than be in a thankless job.

While I’m a big believer in tough love, I do think the occasional reassurance is needed. A human being can’t just be given tough love over and over without a sprinkle of affirmation here and there. Some can handle not receiving it, but some (like me) can’t. There’s only so much we can give ourselves – sometimes hearing it from someone else gives us a little Mora. 

And in case no one has told you recently, I love you all and think you’re doing amazing. I see your messages and your stuff on social media! Proud social bestie over here. 

xo NM

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  • Sarah Sinclair says:

    Love this! The top rated company’s that are the most enjoyable to work for and have the lowest turnaround are the ones that appreciate their employees the most! When people know they are appreciated they stick around… just saying!

    • Nic Mora says:

      Totally!!! When you are satisfied with your workplace, you enjoy producing for your boss. It’s just like any other relationship we have! If you’re in a thankless relationship, you gotta leave! xo NM

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