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Give Me Mora Turns 6! Thank YOU!

Give Me Mora Turns 6! Thank YOU!

Holy moly. Give Me Mora is officially SIX years old today! I can’t even believe it. It feels like yesterday Sali and I sat down and discussed creating this blog (she thought I was crazy, but she was crazy enough to help me).

A lot of you already know this story – I had just finished my first “real” job at AXS TV, I was headed to produce my first short film, and frankly, I had no idea what I was doing. I was a Persian Jewish girl who wanted to tell REAL stories. I was tired of the lack of opportunities for ethnic girls, I was frustrated with the lack of relatability in the growing world of social media, and I wanted to create a space where there was something for every type of millennial, especially first generation American ones.

I remembered all the girls who came up to me to tell me how “lucky” I was that I got to pursue my dreams of being a TV Host when they had no clue how hard it actually was to go against the norm. I knew it would be the same when I launched my blog. Give Me Mora started as a team of two: me and Sali. It grew as we added guest Bloggers, syndicated my favorite Bachelor podcast 25 to Life, and landed partnerships that catapulted this little site into a real business.

We made NO money for 3 years. Literally $0. I have spent most of my 20s raising this baby. You followed my early quarter life crisis with me, you argued all sides when I dissed the way my community handled women with an opinion, you shared your dress sizes and body struggles with me, you supported me through my troubles with Bronx, rooted for me every time I landed a new job (and recently when I said I wasn’t sure where my journalism career was going), and you’ve shared your stories with me, which has been my favorite part.

I often think about all the backlash I received (and still receive) for being a Blogger: “oh it’s not a real job,” “I don’t take bloggers seriously,” “blogging isn’t a career” – you name it, I’ve heard it. It hasn’t always been easy to take the heat, especially from people close to me. It has really hurt my feelings and made me question if this was the right thing for me. As I’ve grown and changed ways a little bit, you continued to grow and move with me. That, to me, has made this all worth it.

It’s been 6 years and one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that it’s okay for your dreams to change, as long as you give everything 200%. Give Me Mora has evolved as I have grown as a person. My own personal dreams are changing. I can’t believe this little idea that we incubated for months before it’s birth is now able to walk, talk, and function without as much hand holding.

I’m filled with so much gratitude. Thank you SO much, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for believing in me, for rooting for me, for reading our posts, for your messages, and even for challenging me. It’s so surreal to have this little community of the best humans.

I’ll leave you with this:

Create the job you want & FIGHT for it. Because when you lead with your heart, you can’t lose. Dream, plan, execute. It’s so worth it. It’s been an amazing 6 years and I can’t wait to see what we get into next!

xo NM

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