The Grammys Live Blog

The Grammys Live Blog

The Grammys are live from New York City and you best believe we are live blogging! This is the first time in 15 years the awards have been in New York and I really do wish they were back in Los Angeles.

Kendrick Lamar served us a fantastic opener with Chapelle! I love that everything Kendrick does has a message and symbolism. He had one of the best year’s out of everyone there tonight and choosing him to open was a great decision.

I LOVE Lady Gaga, but her performance really calmed down the mood. She is a brilliant artist, I just don’t know if I would have placed her in the beginning of the show. Anyone else? She is such a performer though, I wish she did something a little more hyped.

John Legend looks FLY tonight. I actually think he’s never looked better. His presenting skit with Tony Bennett was so special. 

The first win of the night goes to Kendrick Lamar for LOYALTY featuring Rihanna and I have a feeling this is the first of many for him tonight. 

I wish James Corden would have opened the show with his jokes earlier. I like him as the host for The Grammys. 

Alessia Cara for Best New Artist?! Interesting win. It should have hands down gone to SZA. Point blank. I would have even been okay if it went to Khalid.

I’m already kind of bored? The show had amazing momentum right at the start and then it lull’d a bit. 

SHAPE OF YOU for Best Pop Performance!!! Where is Ed?! 

Finally the show picks up with the Despacito performance and it’s very clear as to why it’s up for Song of the Year AND Record of the Year. 

This is the show I’ve been waiting to see. Childish Gambino AKA Donald Glover putting us all in a mood with this sexy performance. Wow, I kind of have no words. 

Another win for Kendrick! Best Rap Album, which could be a huge indication that he will take home Album of the Year. 

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Why is Katie Holmes a presenter at The Grammys? Is she in the music industry by association through Jamie Foxx? 

I am LIVING for this Bruno Mars and Cardi B peformance for Finesse. You KNOW I am her number 1 fan. And it’s a song by Bruno that I can actually not get sick of. 

The music performances tonight are getting really good. Haven’t seen Shaggy in ages and what a way to make a comeback: with Sting!

It’s 2 hours into The Grammys and I could not be more bored at this point. Every time I think it’s getting better, it gets boring. 

Okay, finally something interesting happened – Bruno Mars wins Song of the Year for That’s What I Like. No one expected that or even saw it coming. Now I am VERY curious to see who wins Record of the Year. 

WOAH. Eve just pulled up to The Grammys looking HOT. Does this mean we will see new music from her?

SZA, I’ve been waiting for this performance all night. I wonder how ham Cyn Santana is going to this. 

RECORD OF THE YEAR TO BRUNO MARS?! Are we for f*cking real?! Out of all the songs nominated AKA Despacito they chose 24K Magic?! BYE. I’m done with The Grammys. 

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OMG. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW BRUNO MARS WON ALBUM OF THE YEAR?!?! How did he win over Jay-Z AND Kendrick Lamar? DAMN. was one of the best albums of the entire year. 

Why didn’t Cardi B win? I’m done. 

I’ve never been so happy for an awards show to be over. GOOD RIDDANCE TO THE GRAMMYS. I am done. 

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