Gratitude Challenge: Day 10

Gratitude Challenge: Day 10

This challenge is actually harder than I thought! Okay, maybe it’s not so hard but having to come on and write about it can be a little overwhelming sometimes — because it’s not official until it’s on here, right?

Being that I’ve had the craziest day ever and just got home after an almost 15 hour day, I am grateful for my freaking bed. I mean, I have not appreciated this bed more than I do right now. 

On a real note though:

Today I am grateful for the lovely happy hour dinner I had with Sali & Yana in Marina Del Rey. marinaThere are few things I enjoy more than a scenic view, good food, great wine, and amazing company. We all had crazy days and it was nice to come together, wrap it up, and laugh for an hour. 

I guess it would also be appropriate to say how grateful I am for truffle fries? Because what’s better than truffle and fries? Nothing. Except my bed. And even that is debatable. 

There you have it: 3 things I’m so very grateful for today.

Your turn.

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