How To Handle Changes To Your Hearing

How To Handle Changes To Your Hearing

Have you noticed a change in your hearing? You might have found that you are struggling to fully pick up everything that someone is saying when they are speaking to you. Or you could have noted that you are turning up the volume on the TV to a far higher volume than usual. We often associate hearing loss with old age, but this isn’t actually the case. Indeed, research shows that a higher percentage of people under thirty are now losing their hearing. 

Why is this? Well, it’s probably due to the fact that we are more exposed to loud noises than ever. A key example of this is always going to be personal music devices which have been popular for the last decade. While there are ways to protect your ears from hearing damage, if you have already noticed the change, it’s now time to think about how to cope with it. So, let’s explore the options.


Speak To A Professional 

You need to make sure that you are speaking to an expert when you notice changes to your hearing. You may not be too worried about it, but like most things, if a hearing issue is left untreated then it is going to gradually get worse. You don’t want to be in the position where you go beyond the point that something like hearing aids will help. 

As well as this sudden changes to your hearing can be a sign of an underlying issue. So, it’s always worth getting things checked to make sure it’s okay. You can also learn more about the type of hearing loss you have and whether you do need to be concerned. Finally, you’ll be able to receive the treatment that you might require. 



There are lots of ways to adjust to changes to your hearing. Subtitles when watching TV or films are a lifesaver. Unfortunately, it can be quite tricky to get subtitles on streaming platforms or devices. However, Troypoint’s guide and similar support tools can help a great deal here to ensure that you will be able to get subtitles when using something like an Amazon Fire Stick. This is going to be great news and help you continue to enjoy the shows that you love. 

You’re going to need the support of people around you too. It’s important to let them know that you have hearing difficulties. That way, they will understand when you don’t pick up on words and they will learn to speak more clearly. This is often the best way to effectively communicate if you are hard of hearing. 


Don’t Be Embarrassed

Lastly, it’s important to not be embarrassed about hearing issues because these days, it’s far more common than you think. It certainly isn’t a sign that you are getting old. Wearing hearing aids is no different from needing to wear a pair of glasses. Furthermore, it’s likely that you have moderate to mild hearing loss. If that’s the case, then there are subtle options that people won’t be able to tell you’re using at all.

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