25 to Life: Hannah Be Lukewarm

Hey Friends!

Welcome to another episode of The Bachelorette. We had some highs and lows this week and came away with a “To Be Continued…” only four weeks into this season! Let’s get on with it shall we.

1:1 with the Jeddy Bear

The boys head to Newport, Rhode Island, Hannah takes Jed on a 1:1 date to Boston. Its a classic walk and talk date and you know what… they got me. This was the moment that the whole show turned for me. If she picks Jed at the end of this show, will I cry?! Maybe! She then takes Jed to play with a few of the Boston Celtics in their practice gym. Later in the evening, Jed admits to Hannah that he came on to the show as a platform for his music. This is a big moment. I don’t think anyone has ever admitted that the reason they came on this show wasn’t for the lead. Jed is also a front runner which makes his admission almost irresponsible. Hannah took his revelation in stride and was happy that he told her the truth! He gets the date rose and it’s very cute.

Group Rugby Date

The physical challenge dates are always the worst ones of the season. This is the second group date with a physical challenge and this one was particularly bad. The gang got together to play rugby in an old fort and things got wild. Kevin (who?) dislocated his shoulder and had to go to the hospital. Dustin had to sit out because Kevin went to the hospital. Luke P. body slammed Luke S. and started a chain reaction that made everyone question everything. Now, Luke P has about 30 lbs and 1000mg of steroids on him so I find it hard to believe he body slammed Luke S. in self defense. The guys saw the body slam (we all saw it!) and are furious: They are mad at Luke P. for manipulating Hannah and that he also almost really hurt one of the guys. The continues to be a thread throughout the episode. After Garrett throws Hannah some adorable energy (I loved it), he gets the rose and the Lukes are still at war.

Catchin’ Lobsters with TyTy

Hannah had a rough night. She is struggling with her strong feelings for Luke P. while also trying to trust the other guys when they tell her that he’s the worst. Tyler swoops in and makes it all go away. They catch lobsters and eat them and then go to a private concert that night. How sweet!

The episode goes to a To Be Continued… after more infighting between the Lukes at the cocktail party. Yikes! We’ll see who gets punted next week.




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