How to Simplify Your Digital Life

How to Simplify Your Digital Life

It’s easy to get wrapped up in your digital life, since the technology is pretty much everywhere. We work on computers during the day, spend our time being entertained on our smartphone, and browse the web at night. It’s everywhere, and it’s only going to become more all-reaching, too. Yet while there are clear advantages of the web and technology, there are some pretty big downsides, too. For example, it’s stressful. Indeed, technology is believed to be part of the reason for the massive increase in people suffering from mental health conditions. To make sure your tech use works for you, take a look at simplifying your digital experience. We take a look at a few ways how below.

Cut Off Times

We’ve moved from a period where we had no technology, to a period where we don’t seem able to put it down. Left to (and with) our own devices, it turns out that we’re not very good at switching off our smartphone or laptop, and going to bed (or doing anything else). If it’s beginning to have a negative impact on your life, then look at introducing cut off times for your tech use. You’ll have a much better control over your technology if you know that once, say, 7 pm rolls around, you’re going to an analog world. 

Limiting Sounds and Notifications

It’s understandable that tech could be stressing out your mind. How could it not, with all that beeping sounds and flashing notifications? You understand that there’s nothing malicious going on, but your response system doesn’t. A ping will hijack the primal part of your mind, which will try to figure out if it’s a threat or not. As such, you might be kept in a state of near alertness. Keep things on silent instead. 

Reduce Your Digital Footprint

You wouldn’t be able to relax in a room that was cluttered from floor to ceiling. Yet that’s just what many people’s digital space looks like. If you’ve been an internet user for a number of years (which is probably everyone) then you could have far too many accounts, websites, newsletters, and so on. To simplify, look at having a clear-out. If you need to close your Gmail account, you can learn how to by visiting With your primary email address, look at reducing the number of newsletters you get by hitting the unsubscribe button as and when they arrive. 

What’s Working For You?

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the rush of the digital land. At that point, you’re not in control: you’re just along for the ride. Evaluate your use, and decide what’s good for you and what isn’t: it’ll be freeing. Additionally, you can also fundamentally change how you use the web. Mindless surfing isn’t simple; it’s nothing. Mindful web use will help you to stay aware of how you’re using the web, and help you to take a step back when things are becoming too complex. 

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