How To Stay Active While Working In The Office!

How To Stay Active While Working In The Office!

In my years of working in the health care profession, I’ve seen that almost 70% of costs associated with health care are due to preventable conditions; new research confirms that spending long hours sitting down during commuting and work can play a significant role in the development of chronic disease due to inflammation and poor blood circulation.
In fact, healthcare professionals suggest that sitting in and of itself is an independent risk factor for poor health and premature death—even if you exercise regularly. For today’s article, I’m going to take you through these quick and easy steps to changing your risk of disease starting right now!

Here are some great steps to make (no pun intended):

1.Walking across the hall to talk to a coworker instead of sending an email
2. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator
3.Parking your car further away from the entrance
4.Taking a longer, roundabout way to your desk

Another helpful idea could be setting your desk so that the layout of your office space is moved in such a way that you have to stand up to reach office files, get up to answer the telephone, or walk over to grab papers from your printer. In my opinion, You should stand up at least once every 10 minutes, or more, so simply moving one or more things you frequently reach for could allow you to build this kind of movement into your regular work day. Doing this creates better blood circulation as well as lowers your appetite when you’re stressed out.

Also, instead of a desk chair use an exercise ball for a chair. Unlike sitting in a chair, sitting on an exercise ball engages your core muscles and helps improve balance and flexibility. If you don’t like a chair at all, use a standing workstation. Standing rather than sitting while doing your work can actually create a better work environment because it keeps your body active while creating endorphins in your brain to accelerate your mood.

I hope that these quick and easy tips gave you the ability to start your new path towards a healthier lifestyle. For more information on health tips and nutrition, follow me also on Instagram.

And remember, I dont ask for perfection, I ask for progression.


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