Influenza Madness!

Influenza Madness!

Anyone out there bedridden with the flu? Or is it just me? Flu

Saturday night I started to feel the beginnings of a cold coming on but didn’t think too much of it — had a cognac/honey/hot water/lemon/clove mixture and thought all would be well again. WRONG. Woke up Sunday feeling like complete sh*t, but clearly I live in denial because I thought it was appropriate to go rage for my friends brunch birthday party. By the time 5PM rolled around, I was feeling like a hot mess. As soon as I got home and let myself relax, it was game over.

I took a NyQuil thinking all my problems would be solved but WRONG AGAIN. Monday morning came and I was even worse — I was in so much pain from my body aches that it physically hurt to walk. My fever climbed to 101.5, I was cold one minute and sweating the next, and I had an uncontrollable cough. You name it, I had it. Finally got up to go to the doctor yesterday, he put me on medications and diagnosed me with influenza

This flu is no joke people! I’ll probably be in bed for another day or two and I’ve already been stuck at home for 3. Here are some tips and remedies to help you stay healthy during this infectious time:

1) Juice it up. Go to Whole Foods or Jamba Juice for some FRESH squeezed juice. Make sure you put orange juice in it. Jamba Juice also has my favorite cold remedy called the Cold Buster. It’s packed with Vitamin C and always makes me feel better.

2) Feel a sore throat coming on? Try this: hot water, fresh lemon juice, honey, tumeric and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Repeat, repeat, repeat. This is my fave remedy and I make it for everyone.

3) Get some fresh air & open up your windows. I know, I know, I live in California where it is currently 80 degrees so I have that luxury, BUT step outside every few hours no matter where you are and just breathe in some fresh air. Also, open up some windows from time to time and let the fresh air into your home. Our rooms need air circulation!

4) Relax and sleep. Let’s be honest here, the main reason why I prob got hit with this flu so hard is because I don’t know how to chill the eff out or get enough sleep. Every doctor will tell you that sleep is the best medicine and that stress/nerves will cause your immune system to shut down. During flu season make sure to protect yourself and get some rest.

5) Onion & garlic. I know it’s gross and a recipe to smell bad, but both onion and garlic are known to be one of the best way to ward off the flu. I’m not saying go bite into a raw onion, but chop some up and put it into your food. 

6) Wash your hands. Get those germs away!

What are your favorite remedies? Share your tips and tricks here. xo NM

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