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#LoveYourBodyMORA: Throwing Out The Scale

#LoveYourBodyMORA: Throwing Out The Scale

Kylie Jenner recently revealed her weight this week and she’s coming in at a surprising 136 pounds. Pretty shocking, right?

With the #LoveYourBodyMORA campaign in full effect (I am loving your pics!), the next issue I wanted to battle is our relationship with the scale.

No, I’m not going to ask anyone to share their weight but I will do you a solid and share mine:

I currently fluctuate between 123 and 127. That’s 4 pounds that I move up or down almost daily! 

But guess what?

I just threw out my scale.

For years the scale has made me feel bad about myself, and if the number on it didn’t correlate with my goal(s), I would be miserable.

There were so many times where I was working out, eating right, and then would jump on the scale to see if I had made any progress only to see NOPE! Still the same weight. I didn’t feel like that number, but once I saw it, it sure made me feel pretty horrible. 

Don’t get me wrong, I was never a “big” girl by any means. I definitely had some chub, but in an industry where the camera adds 10 pounds, what you weigh and your dress size are kind of important. 

So, here I was, struggling with my dress size and my weight. Until I decided EFF THIS. Why is it that I was more comfortable at a size 4/6 than my current 2/4? 

Better yet, why should anyone let a number make them feel unworthy or bad about themselves?!

On one hand, I do think the scale can also be a great tool for those looking to lose a substantial amount of weight. It has definitely kept me in check throughout my life, but it no longer serves me nor is it conducive to my mental well-being about how I feel about my body.

If the scale works for you, use it. For me, what keeps me under control is going by how my clothes fit as well as using a measuring tape. Since I am now working out with weights, I like to track my body measurements once a month with my trainer.


Everyone is different and what works for you, may not work for someone else.

For now, my scale is staying in the trash! BUT I did call on my good friend  and favorite nurse practitioner, James Simmons of Ask The NP to give us some MORA info on the scale and how our weight fluctuates! Here’s what he had to say:

“Using your body measurements is a fantastic idea! Because that is really a true measure of body fat and body composition versus just weight. As most of us know, muscle can weigh up to three times more than fat… But guess what, it’s the muscle that makes you look lean!! Ladies, do not get it twisted, you will look more lean and you will have those Michelle Obama arms that everyone wants if you lift weights! Nic is totally right, it’s not about the number on the scale. That is some old-school thinking that does nobody any good!

Water weight makes such a big difference in the number that shows up on the scale and it can be affected by sodium in our drinks, salt in our food, etc. It is not uncommon at all for someone to wake up in the morning and be 4 pounds more than they were yesterday, and then the next morning wake up and be back to where they were before. It’s all water weight! So don’t live and die by the scale use it as a guide, never use it more than once a week, let how your jeans fit, how you feel, and how you move be your guide!! And no matter what, just keep striving towards health. So like Nic says, throw out the scale, be proud of your size, and be proud of your health!”

How do YOU keep track?
xo NM
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