Meet The FaceTime Five By FaceTime Entertainment

Meet The FaceTime Five By FaceTime Entertainment

Over the last month, I’ve been putting my head down and putting in work on a new show called FaceTime Five by FaceTime Entertainment. 

We are a talk show for millennials discussing all things pop culture, social media, self care, depression…you name it, we are talking about it. FaceTime Five will now hit your screens Monday through Friday!! 

Finding a job that allows you to be your true, authentic self as a TV Host is beyond difficult. Our family of 10 total including crew and our creator, Margie Tor, is something I am extremely grateful for. In just a month, we have created a safe space to be vulnerable for you, our viewer, and forged a bond that is unlike any other set I’ve been on. 

This little TV family of mine has seen me in my happiest days and have wiped my tears when I came to set the day after Bronx died. 

I’m really excited for you guys to tune in starting TODAY and getting in on our conversations. The FaceTime Five can’t wait to hear from you and to connect with you. 

Be sure to follow along our journey:

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Website

Thank you for all of your love and continued support! 

xo NM

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  • Margie Tor says:

    Love you Nic. You are so specially talented and unique !!! I love you as part of our Team and Family

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