MORAvational Monday: Giving Up

MORAvational Monday: Giving Up

It’s been a minute since I’ve come on here, and to be honest, the time apart has been needed. A lot of you asked me what was next after the My Community Told Me Not To Have An Opinion article and I really didn’t have an answer. I didn’t have an answer because, deep down, I was struggling with the idea of whether or not I should continue this.

In other words, I was thinking about giving up.

My TV career, this blog, the entertainment industry – I really just didn’t know if I could do it anymore. If I even had it in me to “make it.” I’ve been in this game since I was a kid cleaning the theatre floors and staying overtime just to learn from other artists. 15 years of eating, sleeping and breathing this career and loving it with everything I have. But I was starting to feel like I was hitting a standstill no matter how much I was putting into it.

My whole life, I had solace in knowing that my career would love me back. Give it blood, sweat and tears and it’ll reward you. Through failed relationships, lost friendships, and losing loved ones, my career always gave back to me even in times when other people couldn’t. Being a storyteller was my best and strongest love affair.

And now my career wasn’t loving me in the way I needed it to. The way it always had. It was no longer my route of my escape, but rather the thing I was trying to escape from. That’s never happened before.

Man, they really weren’t kidding when they said a person’s 20s is the most trying time in their lives and a huge period of growth as well as self-discovery.

I began talking to various 20 and 30-somethings about if they ever felt like giving up whether it came to career or personal relationships. Across the board the answer was the same: yes.

Every person had some kind of story about how they either gave up or wanted to give up. Some people had regrets while some didn’t, but it all came down to each and every one having the confidence to do what’s best for them and trust the process. We have to think about WHY we want to walk away – internally it all has to do with an issue we have within ourselves. Dig deep.

Stressed businesswoman in the office

The best piece of advice someone gave me:

It’s okay to lose yourself for a little as long as you focus on finding you again. Everyone really does go through this kind of period but the trick is to come back and reintroduce yourself as new and improved. We all doubt ourselves – it’s normal. At one point or another, we’ve all contemplated giving up on something or someone.

So, if you too are feeling a little lost, I hope this maybe makes you feel a little bit better and a little less alone.

Keep going. Pay attention to the signs. And, as cheesy as it sounds, listen to your gut.

I took all of this advice and soon figured out that my career loved me back and gave me results because I loved it so much. Genuinely and completely. And that’s all that really matters.



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