MORAvational Monday: Just.Keep.Going.

MORAvational Monday: Just.Keep.Going.


If you couldn’t tell, I’m currently writing this from Texas! You’ll have to excuse some of my new found southern slang 😉

I’ve been reading your emails and I’ve been speaking to people, and a common theme in all of these conversations is that there are a TON of people going through changes and/or a very difficultkeep going time. Some of you told me you are having a hard time finding the right job after college, some of you are going through some major personal changes and growth, and some of you feel like you’re currently living in limbo.

I hear y’all loud and clear. 

My last year of college and the 2 following that were the most trying years of my life. I was living in limbo. Sometimes I still feel like I take a detour there every now and then! As millennials our 20s and early 30s are huge times of growth for us and, not to mention, changes. We are evolving, learning to function in the real world after many years of school, and trying to find our groove in the grand scheme of things. I’m 25 and am still not quite sure what my groove entails.

And I wish I had someone telling me that this is all normal. That this time in our lives – these things we are experiencing – it’s all normal! It wasn’t until I started vocalizing how I felt that I realized this. So obviously I’m going to put it out there and share it with you.

[highlight]You have to keep going.[/highlight]

The storm you may be experiencing may last 3 months or it may last 3 years. But it does get better. I promise you that with time everything works itself out if you keep at it and push through. Now, I’m not saying it’s going to miraculously one day get better – hell no. If you don’t work at being better, doing better and living better, NOTHING will get easier. No one is going to hand you a magic pill and have all your problems fade. You have to put in work. So whether that means you wake up an hour earlier every day and apply to jobs or reach out to contacts, or you meditate once a day to get yourself in the right mindset, or you make an effort to do something productive in both your personal and professional life, you do it. No excuses.

When the going gets tough, force yourself to keep going. One day you will look back on how far you’ve come and be SO freaking proud of yourself!

I hope this helps and thank you for writing in to me! 

xo NM

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