MORAvational Monday: Pressing Mute

MORAvational Monday: Pressing Mute

I’ve been a bit MIA as I have been trying navigate where my life is headed, and while I’ve been muteasking questions and seeking some kind of answers, I had to learn to start pressing a very powerful button: MUTE.

Life by nature throws us curve balls, and if you’re the type of person who needs to talk to the people close to you about it (like I do), we open the door for lots and lots of chatter. 

And that chatter ain’t always positive, let me tell ya. 

I get that some of us need to vent (okay, I need to vent A LOT), and by doing so, it helps bounce perspectives around. HOWEVER, I don’t need negativity as we have a discussion about how I feel or what I should do. Anyone feel me?

Here’s what I’ve learned:

People may (and do) have a lot of bad things to say – they could be low-key haters, pessimists, what have you. Find the mute button and press it. Stat. 

At the end of the day, you know your life best; you know the situation(s) you’re in better than anyone else. So if someone is going to come at you and make assumptions without really listening, it’s time to mute. And do so immediately, hunny. 

For example, if I’m concerned about my career and the next step, I don’t need my friend telling me “it’s a hard business and the truth is, you probably won’t make it.” I’m well aware of the consequences, thanks. Or for another example, if I’m dating a guy who is sending me mixed signals, I don’t need to hear “fuck that asshole” when I’m seeking guidance. Mute, mute, anddd mute. 

No one needs that kind of energy when they’re already in a hectic or emotionally draining situation. So I’m starting to tune those people out. When you let yourself give in to that kind of energy, you put that back into the universe and it’s just not healthy. 

There’s some food for thought for your Monday!

Happy Jewish New Year to all who celebrate – may you have the sweetest one yet!

xo NM

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