MORAvational Monday: Priorities Part II

MORAvational Monday: Priorities Part II

Last week I touched on the important of making yourself your number 1 priority. If prioryou missed it and watch to catch up, you can click here.

This week, we’re talking about priorities in life.

[highlight]The way you organize your life comes down to priorities. [/highlight]

The truth of the matter is that when something is important to you, you find a way to fit it into your schedule. And if it’s not that important, you can always say no. 

Perhaps my favorite thing about observing people and getting to know them on a personal level is paying attention to the things they make time for (or don’t make time for). We can give people passes and excuses, but after the umpteenth time, ya gotta draw the line. 

That friend that is always so busy and doesn’t have time to see you, yet has time to see priorities2his or her boyfriend/girlfriend 5x a week? Pretty sure he/she could spare 1 of those times. Or the guy/gal who doesn’t have time to go to the gym but has time to stay home in bed? If he/she really wanted to, they would get up and get movin’. And that’s the truth. 

So what you decide to do with your time is none of anyone’s business, but let’s not be dumb here and feed each other some bullshit excuse about how you have no time, because 90% of the time you can find an hour to spare.

If you’re someone who genuinely feels like they don’t have time to do anything (and that’s the case for me a lot of the time), then you start scheduling time for people and things that matter. What’s helped me is literally making appointments in my calendar for things like the gym, dinner with friends, and even days where I can get an extra hour of sleep to reset my body. Now that my friends and I are all getting older and are in different phases in our lives, it really helps us when we can schedule dinners or drinks or a night out from at least a few days before. It’s hard to all have the same night free, so the more in-advanced you plan, the more likely it’ll happen!

Priorities also means knowing when to say no as well. There are some things that you seriously do not need to do. Plain and simple. Like running errands for your aunt’s friends sister’s cousin. Or even running errands for your aunt every week if you just don’t have the time for it. Like I said last week, learn to put yourself first.

How do you prioritize?

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  • Gila says:

    Making appointments and scheduling things in advance are literally the only ways I can organize my life. Never been one for last minute plans because I usually cant make them…and let me just put it out there that friends have to be mutually understanding of each other’s schedules as well

    • Nic Mora says:

      I agree! It’s hard when friends think you’re being a hard ass or trying to prove that you’re just SO busy. I’m all for last minute things – if I can make them – but it’s never okay to make your friend feel bad about not having time if they didn’t ask in advanced!

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