MORAvational Monday: Timing

MORAvational Monday: Timing

We all wait for the right time, thinking when it’s the right time we’ll be ready for whatever comes our timingway. 


[highlight]If we tell ourselves we aren’t ready, we’ll never actually be ready.  [/highlight]

You have to trust the timing of your life and know that when something comes forward, the timing is right for you and you are being placed exactly where you are supposed to be. 

When I speak to people about life, a common thing I hear is, “I’m not ready” – whether it be in relationships, a career move, or to make a general change. I was one of those people; I kept waiting for the right moment, as if that moment was going to bring me all of my answers and solve all my problems. That never happened. 

You have to wake up, open those beautiful eyes and pay attention to what’s being presented to you in your life. We often miss opportunities thinking they’ll come again next week, next month or even next year. Let’s be real, a lot of the time, they don’t. The girl or guy you like isn’t going to come around next year when you’re done playing around and decide you’re ready. The job opportunity won’t necessarily be offered to you again next month.

Take the leap of faith and just go with it.

You might miss out on something really amazing if you’re waiting on timing.

xo NM

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