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Must-Eat Restaurants: London, England

Must-Eat Restaurants: London, England

London is a magical city. I don’t know how many times I can say it.

But, can we be honest? Their food scene has never been a foodie’s dreamland. The food, at best, has always been just okay. Except for their fish and chips, Nando’s & Dishoom (Indian restaurant) – that stuff is DANK. 

Europe is full of cities with amazing restaurants, and unfortunately, London has never been one of those cities.

Until now. 

The London restaurant scene is officially on the come up. The restaurants are evolving, and I will say that I am all about it. For being a city so rich with diversity, I’m surprised this hasn’t happened sooner. And I’m also happy that I no longer have to live on protein bars & Pret-A-Manger salads for 2 weeks at a time when I’m there. 

I travel like a local, because truthfully, there’s no better way to really see a city and grasp its culture. I went around the city over 10 days and found some must-eat places that will change your life. If I have to see one more generic pink picture at Sketch, I may die. So use this list. Seriously, for my sake. 

Plus, peep my “other” recommendations at the end for some Mora great places 😉 

I’m not a food Blogger, so don’t slam my photos!

Sticks N’ Sushi. I went to the Covent Garden location, which is SO cute. It’s always crowded so I recommend getting reservations prior to going. I was DYING for some good sushi and skewers the night I landed, and I finally found a sushi spot in London that I could get behind. They made me a fresh green juice (a must-have post flight for me) that was fresh AF. Everything was delicious, but the best dish was definitely the cauliflower with black truffle. 


The Ivy. There is literally an Ivy in every area, and they’re ALL good. Trust me, I went to one every day. From their drinks, to brunch, to fish & chips at dinner, I was one happy camper. The risotto balls were to-die. I’m still dreaming about my dinner there. 


Strut & Cluck. Located in trendy hotspot, Shoreditch, this place is a hidden gem. Strut & Cluck’s mediterranean menu is so good, we ordered so much even the waiter was surprised. It’s a seasonal menu, something I love because it means everything is fresh and you get to try new things as the seasons change. The cauliflower was unreal and I could have eaten 800 of their crispy potatoes. 

La Farola Cafe. Happy hour isn’t just a thing in America, it’s a thing in London as well. I hit up La Farola Cafe in Angel, a trendy area I used to stay in, and was pleasantly surprised by their yummy tapas. From the vegetarian croquettas to patatas bravas and calamari, everything was full of flavor. It was affordable, too! I loved that we could walk around and enjoy the cute area after. Angel is a place that hasn’t fully been tapped into and there are so many great restaurants to try. 

Hush. Mayfair is one of the cutest, most posh areas in London. Hush is a restaurant situated on a random cobblestone street and has a seasonal theme. When I went, it was Hacienda themed! It was decorated with tons of color and the drinks menu was curated accordingly. The service was not so great, but the food was delicious and this place is definitely Instagram worthy. The portions were a little small so I recommend getting a bunch of things and sharing family style. 

Other favorite restaurants:

Greenberry in Primrose Hill

Sanderson Hotel for high tea

The Parlour

Elan Cafe

Bourne & Hollingsworth

I can’t wait to go back and explore even more food! Everything was so yummy!

xo NM

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