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Nic’s Tips on Relaxation

Nic’s Tips on Relaxation

Hey there!

I know, I know…I‘ve been SO freaking MIA and some of the GMM girls have been at Sundance getting you a little coverage so I do apologize for the lack of posts!


If you read last week, I’ve been in bed for over a week with a fever. Yes, I was stuck with the flu and it was horrifying — I’m still recovering. Not only have I been sick, but I’ve been worked to the bone and have had a really hard time trying to relax and get my “zen” on. Anyone else feel me?

So, while I’ve been taking some mental health days and some sick days, I’ve found ways to relax and I hope you can share your ways with fellow readers as well!

Here are some tips and tricks that have been helping me feel calm and get rid of those stressful nerves:

1) Deep breathing. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, that’s what everybody says. But seriously try it! Sit somewhere peaceful, maybe play some soothing music and just take 5 minutes to focus on your breathing. Or meditate if you know how. I took a meditation class and absolutely loved it. 8 seconds in through your nose, 8 seconds out through your mouth. Repeat. 

2) Yoga & Pilates. There’s a reason why they say exercise is great for people who are stressed out or nervous. Yoga & Pilates focuses on breathing, relaxing, and still getting a great work out. Exercise in general is great for you — especially in the morning! Try different teachers & classes to see what you like best. Still can’t get into it? Try a spin class and lose yourself in the music.

3) Write. After you wake up and meditate in the morning, grab a special notebook and just write freely. Don’t think, just write. Let your subconscious guide the words onto the paper. It can be for 5 minutes or it could be for 25 minutes — doesn’t matter! Just write down whatever you’re feeling and let it flow.

4) Music. The beauty of music is that it lets you get out of your head, it lets you know you’re not alone, and it just takes you away for a little. Upbeat music makes me instantly feel happier. Set your favorite Pandora station and listen to some cool tunes in the car or at work.

5) Water therapy. Ever notice how you’re automatically more relaxed when you’re by the beach or after you take a shower? Water is very therapeutic and has healing elements in it. I try to go for a walk by the beach, jump into a pool to go swimming or even just hop into the shower for 10 minutes whenever I just need a break. Not into any of these? Try taking a bath. I can’t sit still but there’s something but lighting some candles, playing my mix of The Weeknd, Adele & Ellie Goulding that makes it all a bit easier.  

6) Surround yourself with uplifting people. The people you surround yourself with can really help change your mood. It helps to talk to people that understand the stress/nerves/struggles because it proves you’re not alone and you can get some great advice. I’m grateful for my family & friends because they are my go-to people day in and day out. 

7) Visualization. Close your eyes for a minute and imagine your happy place. Sounds SO cheesy, but relaxation needs to come from within and whatever makes YOU happy. I like to imagine I’m sitting on the porch of a beach house with the waves at my feet. Everybody is different and has a different happy place.

8) Get a massage. Massages can be expensive and sometimes isn’t a luxury we can all afford BUT these days there are so many great deals out there. There’s places all over Los Angeles that offer $25 foot massages that are full body massages with a focus on your feet. Groupon, Living Social and the like all have deals near and far for whatever city you’re in.

xo NM


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  • Deb says:

    Love this nic! such a great post 🙂

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