Parlour: A Spectacular Dining Experience

Parlour: A Spectacular Dining Experience

A beautiful tsunami of food.

GMM – the chef was not wrong. I hands down had the most amazing dining experience of my whole life. If you’re a Londoner – GET THERE, if you’re not – when you do visit this wonderful city add this to your list; it is a MUST TRY!

Hidden away in the up and coming area of Kensal Rise is the restaurant Parlour. Good bar (I got my Pornstar Martini!), lovely garden area and buzzy atmosphere. The waiters are friendly, the service is beyond great, and the chef is inspiring. Jesse’s (the chef) inspiration is his passion for food, and he has experimented to create a mind blowing experience.

Sat at the chef’s table we had no idea what to expect. After checking our likes/dislikes/allergies Jesse began. We were given a range of starters from the menu and every single one was presented beautifully. I tried things I never would have thought could work as a combination – Chestnut Hummus with Rosemary Pitta Bread, McTucky’s Popcorn Chicken Nuggets, Blue Cheese Custard with lots of bits to dip (including a marmiteless twiglet!), and so much more.


Already feeling full we knew there was more to come – but didn’t know how much more. The beauty of this experience is that you don’t know how much you are going to be eating and you get to try nearly everything on the menu. Jesse warns at the beginning to pace yourself so you have room!


Mains! A Chicken Kyiv seated on a gorgeous Hash Brown and bed of Coleslaw AND a Cow Pie – this was everything. Not only was the inside divine but even the pastry had hints of meat in it, with some cheese around the edge. In the centre – bone marrow filled with a parsley, butter and breadcrumb concoction.


By this point we are full but know dessert is on it’s way. It left me speechless. We were handed headphones and listened to music from Mary Poppins and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This was my dream. I felt like Willy Wonka was preparing my dessert in time to ‘Pure Imagination’. After rolling out silver foil across the table Jesse began with the sauces. This was followed by mirangue, falvoursome jelly and ice cream, cheesecake, fruit, salted caramel rolos, a mountain of sprinkles, gooseberry tart AND a spoonful of POPPING CANDY!



We ate, drank and loved every second. I left amazed and speechless as to what I had just experienced. On every level this was a dream and I would go back every day if it wasn’t for the food coma I’m currently in!

I could go on but instead you should go and try for yourselves – if you love food, are up for trying new things, and want to do something different then Parlour is the place and Jesse is your guy!


Twitter: @ParlourUK

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