Is Your Partner Marriage Material?

Is Your Partner Marriage Material?

If you’ve been with your partner for a little while, marriage has probably crossed your mind. Knowing whether your partner is marriage material or not will give you a good idea of whether you should aim to be with them in the long haul. If you suspect your partner is going to propose, or you’ve considered it yourself, read on to figure out if they are marriage material first:


They Have Similar Values And Beliefs As You

The first most important thing to consider is whether they have similar values and beliefs as you. If they don’t, you will be unlikely to live in harmony for very long, as they will probably come up time and time again. With similar values and beliefs, you should be able to live together side by side without issues. 


You Want The Same Thing For The Future

How do you picture your future? A dog or a cat? No kids or three kids? A bungalow or a caravan? If you and your partner have completely different ideas of the future, you should probably discuss this before getting married. You should be able to agree on a satisfying future vision for both of you so you’re each working towards the same thing. 


You Can Talk Openly About Things 

You should be able to talk openly with your partner about things, without getting into an argument. You should be able to tell them if you’re not happy for some reason, talk to them about money, and all of the other difficult stuff that people struggle with. This takes effective communication on your part too, but you should both try your best to be honest, open, and understanding.  


You Fight Effectively 

All couples argue sometimes, but the key is to fight effectively. You should be trying to come to an understanding and some common ground, not simply trying to get one up on the other. If you feel like you’re simply trying to win the argument, this is unhealthy and should be remedied. Most people aren’t taught how to fight effectively, so counseling could be an option if you’re struggling. 


They Consider Your Feelings 

If your partner doesn’t consider your feelings before making a decision, then you might want to rethink the marriage. Some people have more empathy than others, for whatever reason. You can’t expect your partner to always put your needs before theirs, but they should consider how their actions are going to affect you beforehand. 


They Keep Their Promises

There’s nothing worse than being with somebody who constantly breaks promises and goes back on their word. If they say they are going to select wedding entertainment from this website and book it by the end of the week with a deposit, they should do it. If they promise they’ll be home for date night at a certain time, they should be. 


They Have Their Own Hobbies And Interests 


If neither of you have your own hobbies, this could point to a toxic codependent relationship. Having your own interests and hobbies is essential for a healthy life together

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