Passionate People

Passionate People

Passion is a crazy thing that most people go their whole lives without experiencing, or are too afraid to experience. 

Sometimes I easily forget that some people don’t get what it’s like to live a life with passion. To wake up each morning excited to work on your dreams. To give your all to something you’ve wanted your whole life and see it come to fruition. And while unfortunate, sometimes it can even be intimidating to others because they simply just can’t relate.

I found this article on Elite Daily that explains me and my fellow passionistas well. It’s a must-read.

I’ve worked my whole life for what I’ve built, what I’m currently building, and what I hope to build. I’ve sacrificed relationships, friendships, time out with friends, and vacations, for my passion, so please excuse me if it casually comes up in convo. Or if someone takes note and wants to talk about it.

Ever since I’ve started openly writing these XO NM posts, I’ve had people come up to me or email me saying how much they love seeing passionate people go after their dreams because it inspires them to go after theirs, too. I’m happy that this site and my correspondents can do that for people. To me, that’s priceless. However, if you are the opposite and cannot handle seeing someone else’s success, please go seek a therapist and cure yourself immediately.

Passion rules the world. It rules my world. It always has & it always will. You can either fight it or get on the bus because it’s never going to stop.

x‘s and o‘s from the UK

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