PDA on Social Media: How Much Is Too Much?

PDA on Social Media: How Much Is Too Much?

I love love. I love people in love. I love being in love (not that I am right now, but still). I love the idea of all of it. social media

You know what I don’t love about people in love? PDA on social media. And actually PDA in general

How much is too much?

Well, let’s start off by saying that I think it’s cute to post a picture once in a while with your significant other or comment on their pictures. But when it starts getting to be a more than weekly thing where I have to see what you and your S.O. did this weekend or what he got you on a random night followed by 800 hashtags about how you’re so in love…I think I’ll pass, thanks.

The reason why love and finding your match is so special is because it’s rare. It’s private. It’s intimate. What two people share between each other is honestly really something no outsider will ever understand or grasp. When you start to share that with the world, it takes away not just your privacy, but also, how special that bond is. Okayyyy, I’m getting really deep here, I should stop while I’m ahead.

I’m gonna try putting it this way:

To me, seeing PDA on social media is like when I crave Yogurtland. I fucking love Yogurtland. I also really freaking love seeing my friends in love because their happiness means the world to me. But here’s the thing, if I have Yogurtland 4x a week, I’m going to want to puke from frozen yogurt overload – no matter how much I enjoy it. Especially if I see people posting about their excursion to Yogurtland on Facebook or Instagram. The yogurt was dank the first 2x but by the 4th time, I really don’t know what to do with myself. Makes sense right? It’s the same thing when you post about your boyfriend or girlfriend all week long on Instagram. No one needs to see that shit. Sorry. It’s cute if you post something once in a while regarding your relationship. Actually I love seeing it — IN MODERATION.

When you start commenting on every single little thing your bf/gf posts, it makes people want to poke their eyeballs ecardout and click “unfollow.” You think your girl is stunning in every pic she takes? Or you think you’re the luckiest girl in the world to have a boyfriend that does things for you? [highlight]Here’s a suggestion:[/highlight] tell them in person! Or on text. Or on the phone. When people get PDA overload on social media, it really turns them off. It’s no longer cute and adorable, it’s annoying. And please, for the love of all that is holy in this universe, keep it to 1 or 2 hashtags that do not include #inlove #loveofmylife.

I have a friend who has been in a relationship for over a year and a half. It’s no secret she’s in a relationship or that she’s in love. I love seeing her so happy and how happy they make each other. For the first, like, 6 months of their relationship neither posted anything. But when they finally did, you can bet it was cute as hell. And I love that every once in a while I see them Instagram a MCM or WCW or write little comments. It’s stays special to the viewer (or stalker LOL) because it’s rare to see. If something is constantly in my face it makes me feel like 1) that couple is trying to prove something. 2) They don’t know what over-sharing is. 3) No sense of privacy. And 4) They have no life outside of their relationship.

I mean, am I wrong? After speaking to a bunch of people about this, I feel like I’m not the only one who gets grossed out. Even my friends in relationships are grossed out by other couples who publicly display their love all the time. It’s pdanot even the pictures that bother people it’s the captions. You take a cute picture at dinner, post it, and no one thinks anything of it. But add “dinner with the most amazing man in the world #soinlove #manofmydreams #obsessed #handsome #hemakesmehappy” and that’s enough to make anyone cringe. #VOM

Sorry if this post is offensive, but I gotta keep it real. I’m speaking just in general so don’t get cray in the comments here. Keep it classy, people. And again, keep it to 1-2 hashtags, once or twice a month (unless you’re on a romantic vacay — in that case, post away). Please.

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