Road Trips: Driving Away Can Drive You Together

Road Trips: Driving Away Can Drive You Together

With the holiday season creeping up, there’s no better time to go on a road trip!

The traditional American road trip is alive and well, representing 39% of vacations in the United States. Being out on the open road and traveling to new places isn’t just an economical means of getting away, nor is it unjustly romanticized by the likes of tumbleweeds like Jack Kerouac. Cruising to a new destination is also an excellent way to reconnect with your significant other, BFF, or any of your loved ones. So pack some snacks, load up some fresh music, and set out on a bonding adventure.

Get Your Motor Runnin’

Short impromptu road trips can be fun, but in the case of a longer drive, a little planning can go a long way towards an awesome experience. You’ll be spending a lot of time in your vehicle, so make sure you have enough room to be comfortable, and that it’s not flashing any maintenance lights. Pop a road safety kit, some extra bottled water, and a gas can into the cargo space, so you’ll be prepared for anything (safety first, after all). Of course, be sure to fuel up, and keep an eye on your gas gauge during your trip, so you know when to stop for more and avoid running out. Accidents do happen!

A Whole New World

When you set out to be a road warrior, choosing a destination that is new to both (or all) parties is especially important. It’s in these moments of unfamiliarity that we see new sides of our friends and family, and perhaps a new side to ourselves as well. Experiencing something for the first time together is a powerful way to strengthen your bond. Sure, sometimes new things can be stressful- that’s ok! Seeing each other’s array of moods, both lows and highs, builds intimacy and commitment between you.

The Gift of Time

Time is often the biggest culprit in sabotaging your personal relationships. You don’t have time to cook dinner and eat together regularly. You don’t have time to talk like you used to. As life speeds up, it seems like time speeds up too, leaving very little to work with. Unlike crowded planes or busses, driving offers a remedy to that: one-on-one time. Hours on the road give you an opportunity to really talk and reconnect with each other without other things (or people) interfering.

Journey On, Dear Traveler

A road trip doesn’t have to be fancy, expensive, or elaborate in any form. It can be extremely well-planned, loosely planned, or very spur-of-the-moment. It can last for 12 hours, or 2 days. Remember it’s not the destination that truly matters, it’s the journey, and the company.

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